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  • How to Build a Simple Floating TV Shelf with just enough storage!

    DIY Floating TV Shelf

    Sometimes you want storage.  You want all the doors, cubbies, drawers, and shelves you can get.  Like with this toy storage cabinet.  And other times, you just want something small and…

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  • Get the free building plans for this DIY Four Sided Spinning Kid's Bookshelf

    DIY Four Sided Kid’s Bookshelf

    You know those spinning magazine racks and birthday card displays you see at the old fashioned pharmacies sometimes??  Ever thought it would be fun to have one for your kid’s books?…

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  • Free building plans to make your own DIY Storage chest

    How to Build a Simple DIY Storage Chest

    I feel like a broken record lately with all the storage builds I’ve been doing, but truth is, you can just never have enough storage. And some of these storage builds…

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  • How to Build an X Base Console Table

    How to Build an X Base Console Table

    It’s hotter than blue blazes in the shop lately, but I’ve been busier than ever!! When the sweat starts running, the sawdust just soaks it right up for me. It’s a…

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