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  • How to Build Your Own Standing Desk--With planked sides and a shelf, this makes a great cashier kiosk or standing desk

    DIY Standing Desk or Kiosk

    Am I the only one that kind of thinks it’s weird that it took us this long to come up with the concept of standing desks?  Like…I’ve never really seen one…

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  • How to build a DIY bookshelf that's simple, modern, and provides plenty of display storage

    Simple Modern DIY Bookshelf

    This year, I challenged myself to try some new joinery techniques in some of my projects.  One of these projects is this simple modern DIY bookshelf. However, sometimes this “new joinery”…

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  • Simple DIY Storage Trunk

    The older I get, the simpler I like things.  This goes for food (especially when I’m cooking it haha), clothing, paperwork, and storage solutions.  You can get “fancy” with large complicated…

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  • How to build a simple, little DIY bookshelf

    Simple Little DIY Bookshelf

    Sometimes you just need a little shelf.  Nothing big.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing complicated.  Just a plain, little bookshelf.  Something simple…like this. Isn’t it cute?  It’s so little.  Everything miniature is cuter…

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  • How to build a STURDY TV stand that could be used for an aquarium stand, console cabinet, desk, nightstand, etc. It's pretty either way!

    How to Build a TV {or Aquarium!} Stand

    It’s a TV cabinet, it’s an aquarium stand, it’s a console cabinet.  It’s…whatever you want to use it for??  It’s actually–in real life–a nightstand that I made for my brother in…

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