Getting Started

I have many questions from readers about how to get started.  I am currently working on some detailed guides on various topics for those of you just wanting to get started woodworking, so stay tuned!!


In the mean time, though, I want to help you out as best I can.


I have a post here about what tools I recommend for those of you just starting out.  I explain which tools I started with, give links to each one, and explain why they are good to start with.  I hope you find that post helpful.  I am in the process of writing a VERY detailed tool guide that I hope to have for you all soon.

The five tools you need to get started woodworking for less than $500 total--Woodshop Diaries

If you got the tool stuff down already, but need some good beginner projects to try, here are a few I recommend.  Some are easier than others, but all of them are great beginner projects to use the above tools with:

Wood Tray

How to make a super easy DIY wood tray

Centerpiece box

How to make a super easy wood centerpiece box

DIY Wood Shutters

DIY Wood Shutters--Great Beginner Project

DIY Dining Bench

DIY Corner Shelf

I will be adding to the list as I go, but you can always check out the projects page for plenty more ideas!  Stay tuned for some fun and helpful guides I hope to have available for you soon!