How to Build a Plywood and Scrap Wood Shop Cart

How to Build a DIY Rolling Scrap Wood Cart

I never thought I was a hoarder…..until.  UNTIL.  I started woodworking.  I mean, who in their right mind needs a thousand 3″ long pieces of 2×4?? . No one.  NO ONE will ever have a use for that…unless they’re having a bon fire.  But for whatever reason, I don’t like to let those little scraps go.  Anyone out there relate?? . But, those little scraps pile up quickly and before I knew it, I had piles under my workbench and…

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DIY Standing Desk or Kiosk

How to Build Your Own Standing Desk--With planked sides and a shelf, this makes a great cashier kiosk or standing desk

Am I the only one that kind of thinks it’s weird that it took us this long to come up with the concept of standing desks?  Like…I’ve never really seen one until fairly recently. . Maybe they’ve been around and I just haven’t noticed until now (highly likely…), but what a life changing concept, amiright??  No wonder they’re becoming so popular.  And science (I’ve always wondered who exactly “science” is, haven’t you?) has shown that it’s much healthier to stand…

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Simple Modern DIY Bookshelf

How to build a DIY bookshelf that's simple, modern, and provides plenty of display storage

This year, I challenged myself to try some new joinery techniques in some of my projects.  One of these projects is this simple modern DIY bookshelf. However, sometimes this “new joinery” adventure turns out good…like with this retro Bluetooth speaker box.  And other times…like now…there is a little learning curve and things don’t go exactly as intended… . For this project, I tried using dadoes for the shelves to help sturdy it up a bit and also help me with…

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How to Build an Outdoor Community Pantry

How to Build an Outdoor Community Food Pantry--Free Building Plans

Have you ever wanted to use your love for building, woodworking, making, and crafting to help others in your community?  Then you’re in the right place.  This DIY community pantry is a fun build that will help those who may have a little extra give to those who may have a need. It’s similar to those little community libraries that are becoming popular where people share books with each other in the community.  Except in this case, people stock the…

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How to Build a Gorgeous DIY Farmhouse Storage Bed

Free Building plans to build your own DIY King size storage bed

There’s a first time for everything…and this was my very first time building a DIY farmhouse storage bed.  It was empowering, exciting, and challenging.  It was also a little humbling…as I had several “whoops moments” during the process. . This post was sponsored by Build Something, Kreg Tools’ website with hundreds of free project plans you can build for any and every room in your home and outside your home.  This post also contains affiliate links.  See disclosure policy for…

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Simple DIY Storage Trunk

The older I get, the simpler I like things.  This goes for food (especially when I’m cooking it haha), clothing, paperwork, and storage solutions.  You can get “fancy” with large complicated storage solutions and systems, or you can build a simple, stylish box.  Yeah, I’m going to go with the simple DIY storage trunk box idea 🙂 This post contains affiliate links.  Please see disclosure policy for details. . I’ve built a storage trunk in the past that was about…

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Simple Little DIY Bookshelf

How to build a simple, little DIY bookshelf

Sometimes you just need a little shelf.  Nothing big.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing complicated.  Just a plain, little bookshelf.  Something simple…like this. Isn’t it cute?  It’s so little.  Everything miniature is cuter than the full size, isn’t it?  Except for candy bars…those are always better full size, amiright? 😉 . It’s not REALLY that little, though, I don’t guess.  But it’s smaller than some of my latest builds and it’s the perfect little size for a small nook or space that…

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