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DIY Wooden Christmas Village

DIY Wooden Christmas Village Display perfect for a simple Scandinavian Christmas Mantle

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may notice that lately all of my pins have been Scandinavian Christmas and decor themed.  I can’t get enough of that simple black, white, natural wood and green garland combination.  I think it calms my usually high strung nerves haha.  So, to incorporate a little Scandi into my decor this year, I built a Scandinavian style DIY wooden Christmas village for my fake brick fireplace mantle! It’s obviously a very simple style, but…

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DIY Modern Christmas Wreath

When the weather gets chilly, I start to get a little crafty.  I’m a wimp in the cold weather, so I have to find something to keep my hands busy inside where it’s warm when I can’t stand the cold out in the shop.  Sometimes I turn to sewing, but many times, I start making wreaths.  Wreaths are, after all, where my “making” all started.  This year, I wanted something kind of small and simple to hang on the wall,…

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DIY Modern Farmhouse Faux Drawer Dresser

Raise your hand if you love fake stuff??  I’m guessing most people aren’t huge fans of “fake.”  I can smell fake from a mile away…fake wood, fake people, fake sugar…and I don’t like it.  Even still, today I’m bringing you a faux drawer dresser build.  I know…FAKE!  But I promise, it’s for a really good reason… . Because sometimes, fake is actually REALLY STINKIN’ PRETTY! Can you believe these “drawers” in this dresser are totally 100% fake?!  Well, ACTUALLY, I…

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DIY Christmas Lantern Post

How to Build a DIY Christmas Lantern Posts from Scrap Wood and Old Spindles--Easy Christmas Craft

I know the feeling.  It’s Christmas already?!  One part of you is excited because, you know, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, right?  But then the other part of you is like, oh no, I’ve got to drag out the decorations and make the lists and cook the food and buy the presents! . With all the hustle and bustle of the season, though, I know you don’t have a whole lot of shop time.  Luckily, this DIY…

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Scrap Wood DIY Christmas Ornament Signs

I know this is crazy, but one of my favorite projects I’ve ever done was this super simple scrap wood leaf sign.  So, for the upcoming Christmas season, I wanted to make something similar to decorate with…and to get rid of my scrap wood pile with.  So, I made some of these cute, simple scrap wood DIY Christmas ornament signs. I am loving the black, white, and gold Christmas decor trend this year so that’s the color scheme I went…

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How to Make a DIY Snowflake Pillow

How to make an easy DIY Snowflake pillow for Christmas!

I love pillows.  On the couch, in the baskets, on the shelves, on the bed.  You can’t have too many pillows.  But, when it comes time to switch it up for the holidays, I don’t want to have to replace all those everyday pillows with cute Christmas ones….because 1. I’m lazy and 2. I’m cheap. . But, pillow covers can save the day!!  And this cute DIY snowflake pillow cover can last you all through winter.  And that’s awesome because,…

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Woodworking Tips: How to Square Board Edges and Make Your Own 2x2s

Crumb hoarding cracks.  That’s what I think about when I buy boards at the lumber yard or big box store. . Do you want a crumb hoarding crack on your table top??  Hang on a second….let’s define “crumb hoarding crack” before this gets out of hand….HA….no really, what were you thinking about? . This is what I call a crumb hoarding crack. You see, the 2x boards at the lumber yard and big box store (and some of the 1x…

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