Simple Little DIY Bookshelf

How to build a simple, little DIY bookshelf

Sometimes you just need a little shelf.  Nothing big.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing complicated.  Just a plain, little bookshelf.  Something simple…like this. Isn’t it cute?  It’s so little.  Everything miniature is cuter than the full size, isn’t it?  Except for candy bars…those are always better full size, amiright? 😉 . It’s not REALLY that little, though, I don’t guess.  But it’s smaller than some of my latest builds and it’s the perfect little size for a small nook or space that…

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DIY Retro Wooden Bluetooth Speaker Box

DIY Wireless Bluetooth Wooden Speaker Box--Looks like a retro mid century credenza and it's even got a hidden compartment for cord storage!

I’m not sure a day goes by that I don’t listen to at least a few hours’ worth of music.  Legit.  I wouldn’t survive the day without some tunes to get me through.  Now pair that with my love of woodworking, and you can understand why I’ve been eyeing one of these cool little speakers so I could make a cool little DIY wooden Bluetooth speaker box for it and get my jam on. But I hesitated…because I wasn’t sure…

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DIY Mobile Miter Saw Stand

How to build a mobile Miter Saw Stand with storage drawers, and fold down extension wings

I recently bought a new miter saw.  Normally, this should help improve shop efficiency, right?  But, this one actually caused me to add a whole lot of otherwise unnecessary projects to my list…like an entire shop redo project.   And part of that long term project is this short term one…a DIY Mobile Miter Saw Stand 🙂 I’ve had my old Hitachi 10″ compound miter saw for over three years.  It’s been great, but I’ve wanted an upgrade for a while. …

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How to Build a TV {or Aquarium!} Stand

How to build a STURDY TV stand that could be used for an aquarium stand, console cabinet, desk, nightstand, etc. It's pretty either way!

It’s a TV cabinet, it’s an aquarium stand, it’s a console cabinet.  It’s…whatever you want to use it for??  It’s actually–in real life–a nightstand that I made for my brother in law who wants to put an 60 gallon aquarium on it.  But, I thought it looked best in my pictures staged as a DIY TV stand….so let’s just go with that.  But hey, nightstand, console cabinet, desk…it all looks good 😉  I’m not going to tell you how you…

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DIY Simple Side Table

How to Build a Simple X base side table

I know I keep saying this, but I’m still thinking/feeling it.  This year, I just haven’t been off to a great, productive start.  Lots of good things have happened, and I’ve got lots of to dos on my list that I’m excited about, but I’m just kind of stuck in a slump.  Sometimes when you get stuck building big, time consuming projects, it’s nice to take a break and make something quick and easy…like this simple little side table. You…

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How to Build a Seamless DIY Floating Shelf

How to make seamless DIY floating shelves! Great for a bathroom!

DIY floating shelf tutorials are nothing new.  By now, you’ve probably read a million of them….mostly the same thing, maybe just with varying board sizes.  I know by writing this post, I’m not reinventing the wheel or anything. . But, I am hoping to take it up a notch and show you a way of making them that looks a little more professional and gets you thinking a little more outside the box.  (Since we are making boxes here, let’s…

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DIY Simple Mobile Shop Cart Planer Stand

DIY Mobile Tool Cart Used For Planer Stand

So, here we are.  The end of January 2018.  And….I’m just now setting any “goals” for the year.  I’m really setting the bar high this year, huh?  Don’t worry, this DIY mobile tool cart build ties into this somehow.  I’ll get to it. So, goals.  I have two main goals (with a few others I don’t want to say out loud for fear I won’t make them and all of you will know that I failed…HA).  One goal is to…

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