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DIY Barn Wood Table–From Tobacco Barn to Dining Table

Remember those DIY barn wood picture frames from a couple weeks ago?  Well, there’s more where that barn came from! (Get it?? More barn…more wood…more projects??)  So today, I’m showing you how to turn this old tobacco barn wood into this beautiful DIY barn wood table and bench. But first, a little back story:  A friend of ours from college contacted me several months ago asking if I could use some of his family’s barn wood and build him and…

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DIY Kids Rocking Horse Dog

How to build a DIY rocking horse for toddler or small child--dog shaped rocking horse with template to make your own

I’m not good with kids.  Like, legit…I try.  Then it just gets awkward.  Like I’m trying to talk to a 10 year old and I ask if they can write their name yet.  Then I ask a 3 year old what they think about the stock market lately.  Like, I just…I’m not good. . I’ve not been around a lot of kids in my life, so I’m not sure how to interact.  But, while I may be bad at talking…

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DIY Sawhorse Console Table

How to build a simple DIY sawhorse console table

I love a piece of furniture that is simple in design, easy to build, but is not lacking in style.  This DIY sawhorse console table checks all of those boxes and gives me all the heart eyes! I love how simple the design is with these skinny 2x2s for the base and just a plain flat board across the top.  But sometimes, the simplest designs can be the prettiest, amiright?? . I’m calling this a console table, but it can…

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Woodshop Diaries Best of 2017 {and plans for 2018}

Is anyone else ready to wave goodbye to 2017 and bring in a new year and try this thing all over?  Or is it just me?  I feel exhausted haha. . My 2017 (much like most of yours, I’m sure) has been full of lots of ups….and lots of downs–both in blog life and in real life. . I feel like this year, I’ve had so much going on outside of “blog world,” that I kind of started to separate…

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DIY Barn Wood Picture Frame

DIY Barn wood picture frame--could also be made from pallets!

If you have watched HGTV, have been on Pinterest, or walked around any home decor store anytime in the last few years, you know that reclaimed wood is all the rage.  I don’t do a lot of projects with it, though, because it’s hard to find any around here.  So when a friend of mine told me his family was tearing down one of their old tobacco barns and his mom wanted me to make her some barn wood picture…

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DIY Modern Woven Bench

DIY Modern Woven Boho Style Bench

It’s no secret I am loving the return of the mid century modern style.  But if you mix in a little boho, I’m digging that even more!  So that makes this super simple DIY modern woven bench a perfect combination of my favorite things–modern, boho, AND easy to build 😉 If you’ve got a few simple tools, a couple 2x2s and some string, you can knock this project out. . This bench may be small and simple, but it packs…

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DIY Dog Tent

How to sew a super easy DIY dog tent with pillow and striped fabric!

You may wonder why I’m showing a tutorial on how to sew a DIY dog tent.  I could see where you may wonder because 1. I mostly do woodworking projects and 2. there are already a million tutorials on Pinterest for this. . BUT, I have good reason (besides the fact it’s just so stinking cute!) so hear me out 🙂 1. Actually, despite the fact I primarily post about woodworking projects, one of my most popular posts is this…

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