How to Make a Custom DIY Picture Frame

How to Build a DIY Picture Frame My sister and I have a deal.  Each Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas and birthday she buys Mom’s gifts and I buy Dad’s gifts.  It makes it easier on both of us and it allows us to buy them both nice gifts without having to pay each other back.  It all evens out and works out well. . The only issue is that Dad is SO HARD TO BUY FOR.  First of all,…

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DIY Modern Poplar Bed

How to build your own Modern Style Bedroom Suite

A long time ago, in a land far far away (like eight months ago, and about 10 miles from here…in case you wondered haha), I built a DIY modern bed and two matching nightstands just days before we packed up and moved everything we had out of our old house.  It wasn’t really a good idea.  But, I’m not known for my “good ideas” so I guess that’s about par for the course. . We had sold our old bedroom…

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How to Build a Contemporary Dining Table

It’s really saying something that this DIY contemporary dining table has been on my “to build” list for over two years.  I mean, after two years, normally I would have either built it already, or changed my mind on the design I wanted (because, hello, my middle name is Indecisive), and this wouldn’t even be a thing anymore. But since we had a perfectly good dining table at the old house, Danny wasn’t about to let me build a new…

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New Home, Smart Home–The Smart Products We Used in our New Home Build

*This post was sponsored by The Home Depot.  See disclosure policy for details. When we decided to build our little garage apartment, we started making lists of things we knew we wanted in a new home. . On the top of Danny’s list was a keypad entry front door handle.  Of all the things…  But, he’s been wanting one for years. . On the top of MY list was a smart garage door opener–One I could open from my phone. …

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DIY Simple Faux Slat Toy Box

How to Build a DIY Toy Box with Faux Slats *This post was sponsored by Build Something.  This post also contains affiliate links.  See disclosure policy for details. For some reason, I’ve become really infatuated with faux things in my builds lately.  I mean, we’ve been over the fact I don’t have a very big appreciation for fake things.  BUT, I’ve discovered that “faking it” in woodworking has some pretty cool advantages sometimes. . Like with this faux slat DIY…

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DIY Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

Looking for Handmade DIY Christmas Gift Ideas? Here's 25 easy ideas with free plans and tutorials included! DIY your Christmas gifts this year with something on this list for everyone on yours ;)

There is just something special about a handmade Christmas gift.  Even if the store bought one was cheaper…and even the handmade one isn’t not perfectly square…or the finish isn’t JUST right.  It’s the “handmade” part that makes it so valuable. . It’s the fact that someone who loves you spent their time making that just for YOU.  It’s knowing that the whole time they spent making it, they were thinking about you and your reaction when you open that gift…

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How to Choose the Right Appliances for Your Kitchen

Modern Kitchen with Jeffrey Court Tile

*This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.  See disclosure policy for details. When is the last time you spent a romantic date night wandering the endless aisles of your local Home Depot?  Or is it just us that does that? . When we started planning our new garage apartment build, we would walk around every department of our nearest Home Depot and look at prices and get ideas for what we wanted and what we needed.  Toilets, showers, faucets,…

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