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Easy DIY Desk for $40

This SUPER EASY DIY Desk design can be built with just $40 in lumber and is designed to be able to easily configure into a “desk pod” of 2, 3, or 4 desks–which is perfect for families! I built…

Quick and easy scrap wood bookends shaped like a guitar

DIY Guitar Scrap Wood Bookends

Am I the only one who has an overwhelming amount of scrap wood…and to do lists??   Let’s throw that to do list out the window, and tackle a quick scrap wood project to get our mind off things, shall…

How to make a DIY house shaped business card holder

Super Easy DIY Business Card Holder

I am not the most professional person ever.   I’m very casual and somehow always manage to make a fool of myself in any type of professional or social situation.  It’s a gift.  A talent, really. . But for…