DIY Modern Farmhouse Dining Bench

How to Build a DIY Modern Farmhouse Dining Bench

Remember how I built a modern farmhouse dining table a few weeks ago and showed you how to build your own?? Well, that was great and all, but where are you supposed to sit?! What good is a table if there are no SEATS?!

How to Build a Modern Farmhouse Dining Table

Luckily, I FINALLY got around to posting the how to for the matching bench. I know, right? I’m slacking. You’ve had to stand at your new table for WEEKS while I piddled around not posting the matching bench. Just kidding….I know you probably didn’t think twice about the matching bench…until now, right?


But, now that you know there’s a matching bench, you totally have to make one!!


First, I want to show you a some pictures of it, though, because I think this part is funny.

How to build a modern farmhouse dining bench

The good thing about this bench is it can be used anywhere and made to whatever size you need. It doesn’t even have to be a “dining bench.” I say this because I staged it as an outdoor bench because I don’t have room in my house to set up the table and bench together for nice pictures hahaha. <–that’s the funny part FYI. So, bear with me and use your imagination 🙂

How to build a modern farmhouse bench

How to Build a Modern Farmhouse Dining Bench

How to Build a DIY Modern Farmhouse Dining Bench

Now that you’ve seen it in all its glory on the front porch (I’m still laughing), go grab the how to.


I’m sharing the whole tutorial over on Pretty Handy Girl today as a brand new contributor! I am excited to be working with Brittany and several other very talented (how I got grouped in with them I have no idea!) contributors! You’ll see a new post from me over there once a month, so be sure to follow along!


I’ll be back here soon to post some more builds I’ve been busy working on AND some more fun spring projects (speaking of spring projects, don’t miss out on these: front door refresh, spring wreath, and DIY louvered planter boxes)…including how we dug up every living thing in the front yard…fun stuff.


But, until next time, happy building!! 🙂

DIY Modern Farmhouse Dining Bench

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2 Comment

  1. Tom Clarke
    April 27, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    As a DIY woodworker and father of two daughters who along with me don’t believe in the old James Brown song “It’s a Man’s World” (other that the part that says without a woman) I am loving it that you are getting involved with Brittany and other Pretty Hand Girls. I’m looing forward to checking out some of their projects but you will always be my #1 DIYer.

    1. Shara, Woodshop Diaries
      April 28, 2017 at 8:10 am

      Thanks Tom!! I always appreciate you following along 🙂 I’m glad you support women getting involved in what is traditionally considered a “man’s hobby.”

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