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  • How to Build an Outdoor Community Food Pantry--Free Building Plans

    How to Build an Outdoor Community Pantry

    Have you ever wanted to use your love for building, woodworking, making, and crafting to help others in your community?  Then you’re in the right place.  This DIY community pantry is…

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  • Simple DIY Storage Trunk

    The older I get, the simpler I like things.  This goes for food (especially when I’m cooking it haha), clothing, paperwork, and storage solutions.  You can get “fancy” with large complicated…

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  • DIY Mobile Tool Cart Used For Planer Stand

    DIY Simple Mobile Shop Cart Planer Stand

    So, here we are.  The end of January 2018.  And….I’m just now setting any “goals” for the year.  I’m really setting the bar high this year, huh?  Don’t worry, this DIY…

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  • How to build your own DIY modern sliding door with mid century style frosted glass panes!

    How to Build a DIY Modern Sliding Door

    Much like barn wood walls (remember this one??), sliding doors are so in right now.  They’ve been in for a while, actually.  I made my first set of DIY sliding doors…

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