How to Make a DIY Jewelry Organizer

How to make a DIY Jewelry Organizer

I’ve never really been much of a girly girl.   The only bracelets I wear are hair ties. I got my ears pierced in elementary school because my friend did and then when I started playing sports, I took them out and never put them back in until high school prom. After years of no ear rings, trying to put some in an hour before prom pictures was definitely not a good idea.


But, basically everyone else I know owns boxes full of jewelry. So I figured this would be a fun and useful project to show you all. (PS I borrowed my sister’s jewelry to stage this with…just in case you wondered 😉 )

How to make a DIY Jewelry Organizer

In our remodeled bathroom, I had my DIY pet art hanging here, but when I hung this up, I’m kind of liking the colors. I don’t need the jewelry organization, really, but just the frame with fabric in the middle would make really cute wall art…you know…if you’re like me and not into the jewelry thing either.


Plus the middle is foam, so you could even use it as a mini bulletin board if you wanted to pin a picture or notes on it.

DIY Jewelry Organizer with Foam Board Insert

I’ve got the video and picture tutorial for you guys over on Remodelaholic.


Oh and I forgot to tell you guys, I’m a new contributor to Remodelaholic and I’m so excited! I hope you guys will follow me over there as well and I’d love your feedback and comments! So many of my favorite bloggers to follow are contributing over there as well, so I’m really excited to be in the group!  I know you guys will love them too!


If you remember, Remodelaholic has hosted a couple fun challenges that I’ve participated in recently. They’re actually the ones that challenged me to start trying videos. If you haven’t seen my challenge project posts, you can check out my DIY Entryway Bench from the #plywoodpretty Challenge here.


And you can check out how I made this DIY Bar Cart from a single 2x board for the 2×4 and More Challenge here.


Both posts include video tutorials…take it easy on me, though, I’m still learning 😉 I’d love it if you would subscribe to my YouTube channel as I try to add a few more fun videos soon.   I always appreciate your support on my new “adventures.” 🙂


Anyway, be sure to click over for the how to to make your own jewelry organizer (or cute wall art) in the link here…right after you pin this 🙂

.How to Build a Jewelry Organizer wtih foam board insert. Free plans for how to make your own

Until next time, happy building!


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  1. Offrs
    August 22, 2017 at 8:12 pm

    Fabulous post Shara! i love the jewelry. thanks for sharing.

    1. Shara, Woodshop Diaries
      August 24, 2017 at 11:06 am

      Thank you!!

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