How to Build a DIY Modern Floating Vanity or TV Console

Free building plans to make your own modern DIY Floating bathroom vanity. Plenty of storage, clean straight lines and stained in Minwax Provincial, this gorgeous bathroom vanity will really make a statement in any DIY Bathroom remodel!

Have I mentioned to you before how I am really digging the modern furniture style lately?


But, besides the look of it, another thing that modern furniture has going for it is that the clean, straight lines are easy to replicate when you are building your own DIY furniture!


So, when my friend wanted this modern floating vanity, I knew it would make a great DIY project! The straight clean lines and boxy shape make it an easy build. And I’ll show you how to tackle it right here.

Free building plans to make your own modern DIY Floating bathroom vanity. Plenty of storage, clean straight lines and stained in Minwax Provincial, this gorgeous bathroom vanity will really make a statement in any DIY Bathroom remodel!

But, what’s cool about this design, is that it doesn’t have to be a vanity at all. I actually made her two (with one small difference I will explain later) and she used one as a TV console!

Free building plans to build your own modern DIY TV Console table. With plenty of storage, plus functionality, this modern TV Console is easy to build and stained in a gorgeous minwax provincial. Perfect for a living room, kids playroom, or even a bedroom.

Because the space your vanity/TV console/whatever else you want to use this piece for will go may vary slightly in size, these plans are easily adjustable. However, these plans are for a vanity that is 21” deep and 22” tall and 59” wide.


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Tools & Materials:

Circular saw

Kreg Rip Cut (optional, but helpful)

Miter Saw


Kreg Jig for pocket holes

Measuring tape

(4) 2x2x8

(3) 2x4x8

1 sheet ¾” plywood

½” sheet ¼” plywood

2 ½” pocket hole screws

1 ¼” pocket hole screws

Wood Glue

2 ball bearing drawer slides (16” is what I used and I buy the 10 pack because it’s cheaper)


Step 1: Assemble the vanity sides

The sides are made of 2x2s with a 2×4 on the top. First, cut 4 pieces of 2×2 at 22” long. These are the outside “legs.” Then cut two 2x2s and one 2×4 at 18” long. Drill 1 ½” pocket holes in both ends of the 18” long pieces and assemble like shown in the picture below using 2 ½” pocket hole screws. The middle 2×2 is screwed in so that the top is 11” down from the top of the leg. This leaves an 8” opening between the bottom 2x2s.

How to Build a Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity

Step 2: Assemble the frame

Now that the sides are together, you can finish up the frame. Cut three 2x4s at 56” long, and two 2x2s at 56” long. Drill 1 ½” pocket hole screws in the ends of all these pieces. Assemble like shown below using 2 ½” pocket hole screws. Two 2x4s will be at the top—one in front, one in back.


One 2×4 will be in the back and attached 11” down from the top (the tops on it and the side 2x2s should line up). You will see in step 3 that I didn’t attach this piece until later. It’s up to you. It may be easier to complete step 3 prior to attaching this piece.


And the 2x2s should be attached in the front—one at the bottom and one 11” down from the top.

How to Build a Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity

The 2x4s in the back are for securing to the wall later when you install it.

Step 3: Add vanity shelf

Cut a piece of ¾” plywood to fit in as the middle shelf. It should be about 18” x 56”. Drill ¾” pocket holes long the edge and attach using 1 ¼” pocket hole screws so that the top is flush with the 2x2s on the top. If you didn’t attach the back middle 2×4 in step 2 already, do it now.

How to Build a Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity

How to Build a Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity

Step 4: Add side panels

Cut pieces of ¾” plywood to fit in the openings in the side—they should be 8”x18”. Drill ¾” pocket holes around the edge and attach in place using 1 ¼” pocket hole screws like shown. Make sure the plywood pieces are flush to the INSIDE of the 2x2s. This makes installing the drawer slides easier.

How to Build a Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity

How to Build a Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity

How to Build a Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity

Step 5: Add drawers

Here is where the vanity for my friend and the TV console for her differ. For the TV console, the middle drawer divider was only on the bottom, but for the vanity, it went from the top to the bottom.


You can decide which you like better. But attach a 2×2 in the center at the bottom to separate the drawers. If you want, attach another at the top going from the shelf to the top 2×4. You can do this using pocket holes and screws. If your drill can’t get in the tight spaces for the pocket holes, use wood screws through the top or bottom support—you can either “toenail” it in from the back side, or drill straight through the supports. If you do a top support in the front, you could also do one in the back for added support or just to be consistent.


However you do it, you should have a 2×2 in the center to separate the drawers. Once this is in place, cut a 2×4 at 18” and using pocket holes and screws, attach it between this 2×2 and the back middle 2×4. This is to attach the drawer slides onto.

How to Build a Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity

Now you can attach the drawer slides and build your drawers. You can see my post here on how to make drawers.

Step 6: Finish

Once the drawers are in place, all that’s left is to give it a sanding and stain and poly it. I stained it in Minwax Provincial and used Minwax Polycrylic to finish it off.

Free building plans for this Modern bathroom vanity. Gorgeous concrete countertops on floating bathroom vanity.

If you wanted to make this a TV console or something else with a wood top, check out my post here on how to make table tops. I added a wood top to the TV console, but for the vanity, she had concrete countertops installed.  In case you wondered about the sinks she used, you can find them here.

How to build a DIY Floating TV console--free building plans

I recommend you consult a professional on how much support you will need based on the weight you plan to set on the vanity/console. For this concrete top, my friend used some very heavy duty supports along the bottom.

DIY Floating bathroom vanity with concrete countertops and vessel sink. Clean modern style bathroom

As an added feature, I made a small floating drawer for her to use as a little makeup vanity to go beside the main vanity. If you’d like the how to for that as well, let me know in the comments, or shoot me an email!

Floating bathroom vanity free building plans. Concrete counters, vessel sinks, and a small floating vanity for makeup too. Gorgeous modern style bathroom remodel

What do you think about this modern bathroom vanity that doubles as a TV console?? I LOVE it! It’s such a simple style, but also so functional!

How to build a modern DIY floating TV console

By the way, here is a link to these adorable storage baskets that I also used in my recent toy storage cabinet build.  They are so cute!  And this blanket storage bag fits in perfectly with the modern style.  And finally, if you like these towels I used to stage with, you can find the small towels here and the larger towels here.  I LOVE how they fit in just perfect with the style.  Plus, they are super soft.


Do you like the idea of your vanity or TV console floating?? Personally I love this because it makes it easy to vacuum up underneath haha.

Modern Bathroom with DIY Floating vanity and concrete counter tops, vessel sinks, and silver finishes. Gorgeous modern style bathroom

So you tell me…are you liking the modern style that’s making a comeback?? Would you try it in your home? Let me know what you think in the comments!


I’d love it if you’d pin this for later! 🙂

Free building plans to create your own Modern DIY Floating bathroom vanity that could double as a floating tv console!

Until next time, happy building! 🙂

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      Did you close of the back bottom with a 56″ 2×2 or leave it open?

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