How to Install a DIY Herringbone Barn Wood Wall

How to install a barn wood wall with herringbone pattern to make a gorgeous accent wall in your living room

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If you haven’t already noticed, barn wood walls are totally in right now.  And for good reason.  They can fit into farmhouse, rustic, modern and eclectic style decor.  And they make such a HUGE statement on an accent wall in any home.

How to Install a Herringbone Barn Wood Wall

I mean, how eye catching is this wall??  Don’t you love the color variation and the pattern here?  It’s like you just can’t look away, right??  Or is that just me?? HA.


Herringbone is one of my favorite patterns.  I love it on walls, in tiles, in graphics, in furniture, I just love herringbone.  But I hear a lot of people who are a little scared of herringbone.  I don’t want that to be you! It really isn’t hard to do, especially if you start out with boards already cut down to the same size.  Lucky for you, The Home Depot’s Weathered Wood Wall Boards are already cut down to size for you AND come in varying colors already which saves you a ton of time staining and a ton of money buying a million stain colors.  And that makes this project even easier 😉

I’m sharing the step by step tutorial along with some helpful tricks and tips for how to install your own herringbone barn wood wall using these weathered wall boards over on The Home Depot Blog today.  I’d love for you to check it out and let me know what you think!  You can have your entire wall done in just a few hours and with just a couple tools!  Pinky promise 😉

How to install a barn wood wall in a herringbone pattern. Gorgeous accent wall and it's so easy to do!

I really loved working with these weathered wall boards.  Normally, I would probably have purchased my own boards and tried to beat them up a little, then stain them different colors, then trim them down to the same size pieces.  But when I saw that these did all that work for you already, I was sold!  They come already stained, already “beat up” and rustic looking, and already milled to the same size.   You literally pull them out of the box and get to work.  HECK YES, RIGHT?!  A lot of the boards still had some saw marks on them (which I loved!).   You can see some above.  That’s what I like to call “character” 😉

How to install a barn wood wall with herringbone pattern to make a gorgeous accent wall in your living room

I also liked that these boards were fairly thin–they were about 3/8″ thick vs 3/4″ for a normal 1x board.  This made them super easy to work with and really lightweight. Now, with that being said, not every board is EXACTLY the same size.  Some are a little thinner than others.  This is just due to the natural variation in the wood and this is what gives it that rustic look.  It also makes it very forgiving, so not everything has to be absolutely perfect 🙂 that’s my kind of project right there haha.


Oh and do you recognize that X base console table in these pictures?  That’s an easy build to do once you’re finished with your wall 😉

How to install herringbone pattern barn wood wall to create beautiful accent wall.

So what do you think??  Is this something you would do in your home??  Where would you want to put your barn wood accent wall?  I think I’d want one in every room!  I’m pretty sure I’m going to grab a box or two of this stuff for some upcoming furniture builds, too, so keep your eyes out for that 😉

DIY Herringbone Barn Wood Wall--give your wall a rustic feel with these weathered wall boards

Don’t forget to click over to The Home Depot Blog to check out my step by step tutorial for how to install your own herringbone barn wood wall!  And I would love it so much if you would pin this for later 🙂

How to install a DIY Herringbone Barn Wood Wall! Easy step by step tutorial and it makes a gorgeous barn wood accent wall for any room in the house!

Until next time, happy DIYing! 🙂


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