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Super easy DIY fall leaf sign from wood scraps

DIY Scrap Wood Fall Sign

Looking for a fun scrap wood DIY project for the fall season?  This is LEGIT, my favorite fall project, and I’m sharing the how to for you right here!  I shared this exact project two years ago, but it’s…

DIY Wooden Christmas Village Display perfect for a simple Scandinavian Christmas Mantle

DIY Wooden Christmas Village

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may notice that lately all of my pins have been Scandinavian Christmas and decor themed.  I can’t get enough of that simple black, white, natural wood and green garland combination.  I think…

DIY Modern Christmas Wreath

When the weather gets chilly, I start to get a little crafty.  I’m a wimp in the cold weather, so I have to find something to keep my hands busy inside where it’s warm when I can’t stand the…