10+ Easy Christmas DIYs

Christmastime is here! Get a jump on the decorating with these 10+ Easy Christmas DIYs you can make this weekend!

Pinterest collage of 10+ easy Christmas DIYs

Each year, I like to make a seasonal project or two. Over the years, that can really add up haha!


So, I’m sharing a list of my top ten favorite DIY Christmas holiday projects in this post that I hope can inspire you to create one of your own!


Click on any of the easy Christmas DIYs project images or highlighted links to take you to the tutorial for how to build it 🙂


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Christmas DIY #1: Tree Shaped Tiered Candy Stand

This might be my favorite Christmas project of all time. Made from scrap wood and wood glue (seriously…it’s that easy), this adorable two tone tree shaped tiered tray is the perfect display for holiday cookies and candy.

3 tier Christmas tree shaped candy stand--one of 10+ easy Christmas DIYs

I even shared my favorite 3-ingredient candy recipe in the post *wink wink* Check out how to build the tray and make the candy here.

Christmas DIY #2: Scandinavian Scrap Wood Christmas Village

If the candy stand is my number one favorite, this is definitely my number 2. This scrap wood Christmas village is SO fun to make and, again, only requires some scrap wood and wood glue to make.

How to make your own DIY wooden Christmas village perfect for Scandinavian Christmas decor. Easy and free project tutorial

I’ll show you how to get started making one of them, then you can get creative designing the rest in whatever shape you want! Grab the tutorial and details on this Wooden Christmas Village here.

Christmas DIY #3: Each Scrap Wood Lantern

Okay, so maybe this one is cheating just a little 🙂


This isn’t necessarily a CHRISTMAS DIY, but it is the perfect size and shape to use as a Christmas decoration. Either way, you won’t regret building one for your centerpiece, as a gift, or just to set on a dresser or console table because it’s cute 😉

Easy modern scrap wood candle lantern DIY

Click here for the plans to build this easy DIY wooden candle lantern.

Christmas DIY #4: Scrap Wood Ornament Signs

Another fun scrap wood project (have you noticed a theme, here??), these easy ornament signs let you get creative with your colors, size, and shape.

Scrap wood Christmas ornament sign DIYs

Mix and match to make these fit with your own Christmas style–whether you’re more modern, traditional, rustic. This tutorial shows you how to make them, but your creativity lets you make them YOUR OWN.

Christmas DIY #5: Scrap Wood Lantern Post

This fun project uses some scrap wood and an old spindle to make an ADORABLE Christmas lantern post.

DIY Christmas Lantern Post from Wood Scraps and an Old Spindle--great way to repurpose an old spindle

You can set this next to your front door, by the tree, or anywhere it’ll be covered (it’s probably not best out in the elements). Customize your own little sign to hang on it and stick a little battery candle inside.


Check out how to build your own Christmas lantern post in this tutorial.

Christmas DIY #6: Tree Stand Storage Trunk

This is one of my all time favorite furniture builds. Not only is it eye catching, but it’s SUPER simple in design, and it doubles as both a Christmas Tree Stand, AND a hope chest.

DIY wooden hope chest used as a Christmas tree stand trunk

So, if you’re limited on space, you can fill it full of your seasonal decorations, and when it’s time for the tree, pull them out, set them up, and just stick the tree inside. No need to find floor space for BOTH the tree and the chest *wink wink*


Grab the free building plans for this hope chest Christmas tree stand here.

Christmas DIY #7: Large DIY Wooden Lantern

I shared a small, simple lantern above, but this one is quite a bit bigger and a little more detailed.

How to build a GORGEOUS wood lantern!

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging and decorative, this is a really fun DIY project that’s perfect for decorating for the seasons.


Check out the step by step tutorial to build this DIY wooden lantern here.

Christmas DIY #8: Snowflake Shelf

This is an oldie, but goodie. This DIY snowflake shelf was a project from years ago that I built simply from 1×4 boards.

DIY wooden snowflake shelf

It’s large, but so fun to make and decorate. If you’ve got a wall to fill, this is an excellent, easy Christmas DIY that you can easily make in a weekend, and leave up until spring!


Check out the DIY snowflake shelf plans here.

Christmas DIY # 9: Christmas Tree Truck

This project is a two in one–it’s a simple stocking hanger box, BUT I made it cooler by making the box a trailer and building a little truck to “pull” it.

Little red wooden truck Christmas stocking hanger box

This project was so fun, but you have to get creative 😉 Check out this adorable DIY Christmas Truck and stocking trailer tutorial here.

Christmas DIY #10: Christmas Pillows

While I mostly deal with woodworking projects, I do really love to sew, especially in the winter months.


If you’re up for an EASY sewing project, I’ve got two fun pillow cover ideas that are perfect for Christmas and winter.


This snowflake pillow cover is easy to make, but totally customizable with anything you want…not just a snowflake. Do a pumpkin or leaf for fall, a flower for spring, a dog, a cat…ANYTHING you want. Personally, though, I’m a fan of the snowflake 😉

DIY snowflake pillow cover--Easy Christmas DIY project
Snowflake Pillow Cover

And this Grinch pillow cover is an easy and fun DIY to try as well! If you’re into sequins, this is the one for you 🙂

Check out this awesome Grinch Pillow--a Pottery Barn Knock Off! One of 10+ easy Christmas DIYs

Now, I’m in the mood to make a few more easy Christmas DIYs to add to the list!


I hope you found your next project (or two!) from this easy Christmas DIYs list and if you enjoyed it and want to save this for later, be sure to pin it!

Pinterest collage of 10+ easy Christmas DIYs

In the mean time, happy building, friends, and Merry Christmas! May this season bring you joy, hope, and sawdust 🙂

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