How to Make a DIY Snowflake Pillow

How to make an easy DIY Snowflake pillow for Christmas!

I love pillows.  On the couch, in the baskets, on the shelves, on the bed.  You can’t have too many pillows.  But, when it comes time to switch it up for the holidays, I don’t want to have to replace all those everyday pillows with cute Christmas ones….because 1. I’m lazy and 2. I’m cheap.


But, pillow covers can save the day!!  And this cute DIY snowflake pillow cover can last you all through winter.  And that’s awesome because, you know….the whole too lazy to change out pillows all the time thing 🙂

How to make a DIY Snowflake pillow for Christmas decor! Easy DIY Christmas project and great for beginners!

Oh and if sewing isn’t your thing, I totally get it.  It’s not my thing either.  I actually do enjoy it, I’m just terrible at it.  But, that should encourage you because if I can do it, anyone can.  That means you 🙂  so grab some scissors, some fabric, and an old pillow and let’s get started.


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For this DIY Snowflake Pillow, you will need:

Two contrasting fabrics (1/2 yard of main fabric per pillow, 1/4 yard of snowflake fabric)

Fabric Scissors

Snowflake Template (see Step 1)


White thread

Sewing Machine

Measuring Tape

Supplies for diy snowflake pillow

Step 1:  Cut a Template for DIY Snowflake Pillow

To get the snowflake shape for the pillow, you can do a quick Google search for snowflake clipart and find a design you like.  Keep in mind you probably don’t want anything super detailed or it will be difficult to sew on.


Once you find one you like, copy the image into a Word document and size it however large you want it.  It’s helpful to use the rulers on the top and sides in Word for this.  I made my pillow 18″ square and my snowflake about 10″ diameter.  But you can make it whatever size you want.


If it wont fit on one page (and it probably won’t), then just fit it so that at least half the snowflake will fit on one page to print.  Then print it and cut it out.


Fold your snowflake fabric in half and pin your template onto the fabric like shown.  Make sure the inside edge of the snowflake sits on the fold so when you open it up, you get the whole flake 🙂

How to make a DIY snowflake pillow with a paper template

Use fabric scissors to CAREFULLY cut the fabric out around the snowflake template.

Step 2:  Pin the Snowflake Fabric in Place

Cut a piece of the primary pillow fabric about 18″ square.  Center the snowflake on this piece and pin it in place.

DIY Snowflake Pillow Cover

Step 3: Stitch Snowflake onto DIY Snowflake Pillow

Using white thread and a sewing machine, carefully stitch around the edge of the snowflake fabric.  Get close to the edge, but it doesn’t have to be perfect.


If you aren’t used to sewing, it’s helpful to stop pressing the pedal to sew (assuming you have a foot pedal) while the needle is still in the fabric, then lift the foot, turn the fabric, then press the foot back down and sew again.  This keeps the fabric in place so your stitches don’t get out of line.

Stitch snowflake onto DIY snowflake pillow

Don’t worry if some of the fabric frays.  It adds to the look 😉

Step 4:  Sew the Envelope Cover

Cut another piece of primary fabric about 18″x20″.  Then cut this piece in half.  Place the pieces down like this with right sides facing and the top pieces overlapping in the middle.

How to sew a DIY snowflake pillow cover

Pin around the edges of the pillow cover and sew with a small (1/4″ or so) seam.

diy Christmas snowflake pillow

Then, flip inside out and stuff with an old 18″ square pillow (or a new one….but I bet you have an old one somewhere you can use 😉 ).


Tada!  Easy Peasy!

How to make an easy DIY Snowflake pillow for Christmas!

Is that cute or what??  I actually made this one for my mom, but I’m making my own with the black and white buffalo fabric from the picture further up at the top….when I get some time between other projects HA.

How to make a DIY Christmas Snowflake Pillow cover--Great beginner sewing project for Christmas

Speaking of other projects, check out this DIY Christmas lantern post.  It’s made totally from wood scraps! The post will be out next week so stay tuned!

How to make a DIY Snowflake pillow for Christmas decor! Easy DIY Christmas project and great for beginners!

Oh and let me also remind you of the DIY Grinch Pillow from last year in case you missed it.  It’s my most popular pin and has been one of my most popular blog posts!  So when you’re done here, click over and check that out too!


But before you go, I’d love if you’d pin this for later! 🙂

How to make a DIY Snowflake Pillow--Great DIY Christmas pillow idea that will last all winter. Great beginner sewing project too!


Until next time, Merry Christmas and happy DIYing! 🙂

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