DIY Wooden Stove Top Cover

Have you ever looked around your kitchen and thought to yourself how big of a waste of counter space your stove is when it’s not in use?  I mean, maybe you use your stove more than I use mine…which, based on the amount of frozen pizza in our freezer, that’s likely HA!  BUT, still, when you aren’t using it, all your stove is doing is collecting dust, crumbs, and crud…and taking up 2 1/2 ft of counter top.


But, you can get that space back while simultaneously protecting your stove top from dust and crumbs with this easy DIY wooden stove top cover.  NOTE: I can provide you with tutorials, but I can’t provide the common sense.  Please take note that this is obviously intended only for use when the stove is OFF and completely cool.  Do not use to cover a stove that is ON or is still hot.  It is wood.  It can catch fire.  Also, always follow manufacturers instructions for your particular stove.  And FYI, I used this on an electric stove top.  I have no idea if this would be okay for a gas top.  So, just, like, be smart about it, okay?

How to maximize your counter space by building a DIY wooden stove top cover

DIY wooden stove top cover kitchen hack idea

You can build this out of hardwood and use as a cutting board, too just in case having two jobs wasn’t enough function for you 😉


I built this one out of tongue and groove pine, so it wouldn’t be great as a cutting board (pine is too soft), BUT I added the juice groove anyway just for looks.  No one has to know it’s not ACTUALLY a cutting board, right?  And actually, if you wanted, you could still use pine or softwoods as a cutting board, just be sure to use a food safe finish…not an oil based stain.

DIY Wooden stove stop cover with juice groove cut on edges

I never cut a juice groove before, but it was really simple with the right router bit.  In case you are wondering, a juice groove is the grove cut around the edge of the cover above.  This is commonly cut on cutting boards to catch any juices that spill from the items you are cutting instead of running off and making a mess. I got a special router bit just for this and it made it super simple.  The affiliate link to the juice groove bit I used is here.


I’ve got the tutorial for this DIY wooden stove top cover over on The House of Wood blog here.  And I’ve got the video for you here as well 🙂  This is a really great project for any DIYer!

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So if you’re ready to take back your counter space, head over to get the free tutorial.  Then, check out these other favorite kitchen projects:

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How to maximize your counter space by building a DIY wooden stove top cover

Until next time, happy building 🙂

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