DIY Scrap Wood Fall Sign

Super easy DIY fall leaf sign from wood scraps

It may still be August, but fall is coming and it’s coming fast.  Fall is the most wonderful time of the year.  You may have heard that that’s actually Christmas…but it’s not.  It’s fall.

How to make a super easy DIY scrap wood fall sign

Fall is when you smell the tobacco barns burning, you can start drinking pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, hoodies are acceptable clothing for wearing out in public, you can load up your porch with pumpkins and mums, and IT’S MY BIRTHDAY SEASON.  So fall is obviously the best time of the year 🙂


Lately, I’ve been on a roll with the scrap wood projects.  And, lately, I’ve also been getting into the fall spirit (if you didn’t already notice).  So today, I’m combining the two and showing you how to make a SUPER EASY fall scrap wood sign.

Super easy DIY fall leaf sign from wood scraps

Isn’t it like…the cutest thing!?  And all you need is some scraps, a drill, a jig saw, and a hammer and nails (or a nail gun)!  It’s such a super simple project that will literally take you maybe 30 minutes to finish.


I’ve got the full tutorial for this scrap wood leaf sign for you over at Pretty Handy Girl.


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For this particular project, I made the sign with a leaf on it.  But you could also do pumpkins, turkeys, or whatever else makes you think of fall.


These would be so cute hanging on the wall grouped together or sitting along a console table all decorated up.  I’ve got plenty more scraps, so you may see that set up in a future post 😉 act surprised haha.

Super simple DIY fall leaf sign from scrap wood!

I’m hoping to have plenty more fun fall crafts and scrap wood projects for you this season as my never ending scrap pile doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller.  So if you have any suggestions or ideas you would like to see, I would love it if you’d let me in know in an email or in the comments below!  But be sure to get the how to for this fall leaf sign here.


And before you go, don’t forget to pin this fun craft for later!

Super simple DIY fall leaf sign made from wood scraps!

Until next time, happy DIYing!

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