Holiday Gift Guide for DIYers

Gift giving gives me all the feels. Like, there’s the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you give someone something they love at Christmas-time. Then, there’s the agony of stressing out for weeks trying to figure out what that thing is to give them. HA!


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So I’m trying to help save you from that same agonizing stressful feeling while you are holiday shopping this year with this simple holiday gift guide. You’re welcome 🙂 haha.


If you are shopping for an avid DIYer, a weekend workshop tinker-er, a dad who just needs a new hobby, a mom who wants to get started in woodworking, or basically anyone who could use an extra tool in the garage, I’m sharing some gifts I’d recommend in a few different price categories. Let’s get to it!

**These prices are accurate as of November 2019

Gift Ideas Under $15

Drill Bit Set

One can never have too many drill bits. I mean it…I’d happily take a drill bit set in my stocking year after year after year. For woodworkers, metalworkers, garage tinker-ers…ANYBODY–a drill bit set is a great option that is sure to get it’s fair share of good use. I love these simple ones from DeWalt.

Drill bit set as gift guide idea under $15

Tape Measure

Much like with drill bits, saw blades, and batteries, you can never have too many tape measures. There are many types and brands of measuring tapes and I’ve used several that I love. But this tape is my favorite because 1. it’s inexpensive and 2. it shows the fractions on the tick marks so it’s easier to get more accurate measurements without having to count and do fractions in your head haha.

Fractional tape measure as gift guide idea under $15

Husky Sport Knife

A utility knife is always a great gift. I love this knife for it’s practicality, but also because with the wood handle and the black details, it’s nice to look at, too!

Husky sport knife as gift idea under $15

Husky Small Parts Organizer

These organizers are stackable and latch together so you can easily add on to your collection. They are also great for on the go, or just to corral screws and drill bits in the shop. I got some this summer and they’ve been life changing in helping me keep my shop organized. I give them 5/5 stars…highly recommended!

Gift Ideas Under $40

Kreg 320 Pocket Hole Jig

This is Kreg’s latest pocket hole jig and it’s an EXCELLENT choice for someone getting started building furniture or cabinets. It’s simple to use, easy to adjust, and is perfect for both beginners and more advanced builders. See it in action in this DIY wooden wagon project.

Kreg 320 Jig as gift guide idea under $40

Husky Backpack With Rubber Bottom

I love this backpack so much. My sister got it for me for my birthday and I used it immediately to pack up a few tools to go help my dad put up a pergola. It’s the perfect size to throw a drill, driver, some bits into and be on your way. For more helpful tools for workers on the go, check out this post.

Husky Backpack as gift guide idea under $40

Husky 10 Piece Socket Set

A good socket set is worth its weight in gold. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But, just like I mentioned with tape measures, you can never have too many sockets and socket sets. This thin wall deep socket set is a bit of a “specialty set” made for getting into tight spaces, but also works great in wide open spaces, too. It’s impact rated, so it works nicely in a impact driver. Check it out in action in my DIY flatware caddy build.

DeWalt 90 Degree Drill Attachment

Speaking of getting into tight spaces…I’ve wanted one of these 90 degree attachments for a while and finally got my hands on one this summer. For an inexpensive gadget, this little guy is a life saver. I have used it in some tight places to get some handles installed and to drive some pocket hole screws. Another highly recommended tool for any workshop. You can see it in action in my DIY 3 drawer vanity build.

Dewalt 90 degree attachment as gift guide idea under $40

Gift Guide Ideas Under $100

Ryobi ONE+ 18V Drill & Driver Combo Kit

One of the key players in anyone’s workshop is a drill and driver. Those are some of my most used tools! This Ryobi drill and driver kit is priced right and packs a ton of value making it the perfect starter kit for a beginner or a great spare for someone who may already have a drill/driver kit. It comes with 2 batteries and since Ryobi has the largest selection of 18V battery powered tools on the market with its 18V ONE+ platform, expanding your tool collection with these batteries is a breeze. Check them out in action in my DIY lathe stand build (coming soon!).

Ryobi drill driver set as gift guide idea under $100

Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Jig

If you’re looking for a little more hefty version of the 320 pocket hole jig mentioned earlier to gift your favorite builder, this K4 is another great option. This particular kit comes with the K4, a clamp, the R3 and some accessories! That’s a STEAL! Check it out in action in my DIY Christmas Tree Stand/Hope Chest Box.

Kreg K4 and R3 kit under $100 great gift idea

Kreg AccuCut Saw Guide

I use my Kreg AccuCut all the time to help me cut down large sheets of plywood. It’s a must have for any builder who likes working with plywood and wants a quick and accurate way to trim down large sheets. It comes with 4 ft of track and a sled that attaches to a circular saw. But you can purchase additional track pieces to add on to it later. Check it out in action on my DIY kitchen cabinet build.

Husky Connect 22″ Rolling System

This rolling system is great for those who are always on the go...or just like a little extra organization in the shop. It’s got three connecting sections for plenty of tool storage and the top section has small parts compartments so you don’t loose your drill bits or pencils or whatever tiny parts I always seem to lose under the truck seat when I take my tools on the go haha. Check out more handy tools for workers on the go in this post.

Gift Guide Ideas Under $150

Rigid 18V Battery Powered Vacuum

This may be my favorite thing on this entire list. In my shop, I create a TON of sawdust. And I have a really good corded vacuum, but when I plug in my extension cord and start vacuuming the floor, I end up spreading around more sawdust with the cords dragging around the floor than I actually vacuum up. This Ridgid 18V Vacuum is a game changer. It can run on one (or two for longer runtime) Ridgid batteries and performs just as well (I think actually better) as my corded vacuum. And, I can pick it up, pack it out to my truck, and vacuum up the sawdust from my seats before my husband knows I got it dirty 😉 I could really get used to this cordless thing haha. This would make an excellent gift for any woodworker who likes to keep a clean shop…and a clean truck.

Ryobi ONE+ 18V 4 Piece Combo Kit

If you thought the drill and driver kit was a good deal, check out this Ryobi 4 pc. kit. In addition to two batteries, the drill, and driver, this kit also comes with a work light AND a recip saw. Again, with Ryobi’s huge selection of ONE+ 18V battery powered tools, this is a great starter kit that you can easily add onto. If you know someone who is wanting to get into pallet repurposing, or does remodeling and demo work, this kit is perfect. The recip saw is great for cutting apart pallets or demoing during a remodel and the drill and driver are great for putting things back together 😉

Ridgid 18V Circular Saw

A battery powered circular saw is a game changer. Even if you already have a corded saw, it’s nice to have a battery powered one too. It’s great for on the go and it’s nice not to have to mess with keeping a cord out of the way whenever you’re cutting. And a circular saw is one of the most versatile saws you can have in the shop. In a pinch, it can take the place of a miter saw, a table saw, and is great for cutting down plywood, too. Check out this saw in action in this DIY Floating Mirror and this DIY Glass Door Linen Cabinet.

Gift Ideas Under $200

Ridgid 18V Heated Jacket

I’m such a wimp when it comes to the cold weather. Once I get cold, I’m done. I’m inside under a blanket. I just can’t even. #weak So I got my hands on this Ridgid 18V Heated Jacket. This jacket uses a standard 18V Ridgid battery and can also charge my phone while it heats! It is a really nice weight…not super bulky, but heavy enough to keep you pretty warm even without heat. There is a battery pocket on the back left side to hold the battery pack, but it also comes with a belt clip so you can clip it onto your belt or waist band.

DeWalt Atomic 20V Drill and Driver Kit

This DeWalt 20V Atomic drill and driver set packs a big punch for such a tiny package. They’re significantly smaller and lighter than their older versions, but perform just as well. Check them out in action in this DIY Metal and Wood Wall Clock project.

Ridgid 2 HP Router

If you’re looking to add a tool to your favorite woodworker’s shop, a router is a great option. I recently upgraded my trim router to this Ridgid 2HP 1/2″ router and I have absolutely zero regrets about it. This large router is great for adding decorative edges to my projects, cutting out circles, routing dadoes, rabbets, etc. With its two handles, it’s powerful, easy to control and allows me to “up my game” with some nice decorative details that only a router can provide. A great option for a woodworker! Check it out in action in my DIY butcher block counter top and laundry room storage cabinets posts.

I feel like there are SO MANY MORE good options, but there’s no way I can list everything. These are a few of my favorite things and things I would definitely recommend as a great gift idea.


However, if nothing you see here suits you, head over to Home Depot’s gift guide here. They’ve got some amazing options and you can search by category and/or price range.


There’s way too much stress to be had during the holidays to let “what to buy Uncle Lester for Christmas” be another source of anguish haha. Let this gift guide help you with that 😉 You’ve got better things to do…like make and eat Christmas candy and watch cheesy holiday movies. #priorities

I do hope you’ve found this helpful and we will be back to building in the next post. Until next time, happy shopping…OH, and don’t forget to sneak in a little something for yourself, too! 😉

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