DIY Fall Centerpiece Box

It is officially fall ya’ll!! Can you believe it? This month has FLOWN!  And I have like zero fall decoration in my house. Seriously. I admit that I am an awful seasonal decorator. Honestly, it’s hard enough for me to decorate for “all year”…let’s not even try the whole “change it up for every season and holiday” thing.  Luckily, my sister is good at that kind of thing so I will show you her new fall dining table centerpiece…and a DIY tutorial to make the box 🙂
I know, I know. The last post was about making a box….also for my sister. I promise this one is different…and even easier!
Sissy wanted a 30″ long box. So to build a 30″ long x 8 1/2″ wide box, you will need 100″ of 1×6. Unfortunately, 8ft boards are only 96″. Instead of buying two boards, you could look for a 10ft board or just make it about 28 1/2″ long instead of 30″ and you’d only need an 8ft board (just don’t make mistakes because you only have one inch to spare).
That being said, the length is super easy to modify. For this project you need:
1×6 boards (if you want 28 1/2″ long or less, 8ft is enough)

Nail gun and compressor (unless your gun is electric obviously)

Miter or chop saw

That’s it! This is so simple, you guys. By the way, you can use 1x4s instead of 1x6s for a shorter and narrower box.
First, measure and cut three boards the length you want your box. In my case it was 30″. Sand any rough edges.

Place two of them at a right angle and use a nail gun to attach at the bottom. I just used one nail on each side and one in the middle. You can use a block to help hold the board up while nailing.
Then, do the same on the other side. Now you have a bottom with two sides.

Measure and cut two boards for the narrow sides. I stuck a piece in place and marked where to cut.

Using a nail gun, nail the sides in place.

Now you are ready to stain!  Check out me and my super cool staining gloves. Super. Cool. That’s how I roll. They’re way too big and are annoying but they keep my hands from looking like I have dried blood in my fingernails. Yeah….worth it I guess.

Simply stain the box. I used Minwax Provincial. And there it is.  Easy peesy.

I gave the box to my sister and she worked her magic. Some dollar store leaves, a few candles, and some pumpkins and what do you know? It’s suddenly fall!! And on the cheap, too. Look at this centerpiece!

How to make a gorgeous fall centerpiece box in just minutes!

This is such an easy project and makes such a statement! I’m so jealous of my sisters new fall stuff. Now I need one! Got to add that to the ever growing to do list!
So, What are you waiting for? Go get your fall on! And while you’re at it, come help me with mine 🙂 I have decorators block (you know, like writers block…but with seasonal decor…I’m stuck!). Happy DIYing!! Oh, and happy fall!!!

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