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I like tools 🙂 I’ve collected a few over the years. Below, I’ll show you around my workshop a little and point out some of my favorite tools I’m currently using. I’ve linked them so you can feel free to shop my workshop.


If you’re interested in my shop tour, check out this shop tour post. And if you’re just getting started, check out this post about the five tools you need to get started and head over to the Getting Started page.


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Miter Saw:

Table Saw:

Jig Saw:

I’m currently using this battery powered Ridgid Jig Saw. A cordless jig saw is a game changer.


I’m LOVING the new DeWalt Atomic Drill and Driver set. They’re lightweight, compact, but powerful enough for everything I do.

Circular Saw:

My go to circular saw right now is the Ryobi Brushless Battery Circ Saw. I also have a Ridgid circ saw that I like as well, but I use my Ryobi most often. Check out how I use it to cut down plywood sheets here.


Lately, my go to router is this 2HP Ridgid Router. But if I’m doing something small, I’ll use my Ridgid Trim Router. Check out my router guide post here.


DIY Simple Mobile Tool Cart

I’ve been using this 13″ Cutech Planer for a few years now. It’s currently discontinued, so I don’t have a link. Check out how to build this simple planer stand here.

Nail Gun:

I’m currently LOVING this Ryobi AirStrike Battery Nail Gun. I’m using an 18 gauge size, but they also have 16 gauge and 23 gauge as well.

Cutting Guides:

I’m keeping my Rip Cut and AccuCut cutting guides handy in my shop lately. I use them with my circular saw to cut down plywood and large glued up panels.


I switched to using Diablo blades a while back and haven’t looked back since. You can check out this post for the blades and router bits that I like to use on various tools.

Tools Chests:

I’ve got several workshop carts for storage, but I also have this Husky tool cart for storage of all my ratchets and small parts. It’s got a power strip on the side that I use to charge my batteries all at once. Check out this post for workshop organization ideas.

Tool Sets:

I don’t use it often, but when I need to work on a tool, a tractor, lawn mower, or trailer, this 400+ piece mechanics tool set has been SUPER handy in my shop. It’s got literally EVERYTHING I think I would ever need. But I also like this smaller set to carry on the go or in the truck.

Wall Storage:

These metal Wall Control boards help keep my often used tools handy and are sturdy enough to fill them up without worrying if they can handle the weight.


I use all kinds of clamps. I like Pony Pipe Clamps and I like Bessey and Dewalt small clamps. Any clamp is a good clamp when you need one 🙂 Check out my scrap wood pipe clamp rack tutorial and scrap wood small clamp rack tutorial here.

Tape Measure:

My favorite tape measure is this Lufkin carpenter’s tape. It shows fractions on the tape to the 8th and I appreciate not having to count all the tick marks.

Pocket Hole Jig:

I’m currently using the Kreg K5 pocket hole jig (shown here) along with the Kreg 320 series jig. The K5 is good for everything except large panels or long boards. That’s when the 320 comes in handy. It’s helpful to have both in the shop.

Oscillating Saw:

Not my most used tool, but very handy to have for odd cuts, my oscillating saw is one of my favorite tools. I’m currently using this Ridgid cordless oscillating saw with these metal, wood, and concrete blades.

Small Parts Organizers:

Not the most exciting, but these Husky small parts organizers have been life savers in my shop. I use them to store my screws, drill bits, shelf pins, and all my small parts so I don’t waste time looking for what I need.

90 Degree Drill Attachment:

This accessory is super helpful in tight places. I’ve only used it a couple times, but when I needed it, it was nice to have.

My Favorite Gadget:

I have a whole post here about this little laser measurer. It’s legit one of the coolest little gadgets around and has come in handy MANY times in the short time I’ve had it. Check it out here.


Ridgid 18V Shop Vacuum cleaning sawdust off miter saw stand

Battery operated is the way to go with a workshop vacuum. I recently upgraded to this battery Ridgid vacuum and I’m loving ditching the cord without a loss of suction power. Full review of this vacuum is here.

Impact Wrench:

Check out this post for the difference between a drill, driver, and impact wrench. I’m currently using this Milwaukee Impact Wrench and so far, I’m convinced there isn’t anything it can’t loosen.

Saw Horses:

These Kreg Trak Horses are my go to for using when cutting down plywood sheets. They’re quick to set up, and fold up to store away neatly back in my workbench.