How to Build a Kids Play Table and Chairs

We are in the middle of summer.  And while I don’t have any children of my own, I once was a child (many years ago), so I know how annoying antsy kids can be when they are out of school and starting to get “bored.”  Give your kids a place to hang out, be creative, and stay off your dining room table/kitchen counter/living room floor with this easy to build DIY kids play table and chairs! This is a great…

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DIY Simple Vintage Inspired Dresser

YOU GUYS!  I can’t even with all the cuteness!  Doesn’t this little vintage inspired DIY dresser give you all the heart eyes?? But, if that’s not enough, just a few extra steps can take this dresser and make it a DIY changing table, too!!  (Speaking of changing tables, I’ve got free plans for another style changing table here) This post was sponsored by Build Something, Kreg Tool’s website for free furniture building plans from small to large and for every…

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DIY Wardrobe Armoire Storage Cabinet with Shelves

When it comes to storage, you can go two directions: simply functional, OR (my personal favorite) functional AND pretty.  So, for example, you can hide all your stuff in the back corner of an overcrowded closet (functional) or you can tuck it away in a pretty, new DIY wardrobe armoire cabinet like this (obviously this is the functional AND pretty option 😉 ). I mean, is there even really a decision to be made?  I’d pick this cabinet every time! …

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DIY Scrap Wood Guitar Bookends

Quick and easy scrap wood bookends shaped like a guitar

Am I the only one who has an overwhelming amount of scrap wood…and to do lists??   So why not throw your to do list out the window, and tackle a quick, fun, unique scrap wood project to get your mind off things? HAHA. . But, seriously.  It’s stress relieving at its finest 🙂 Sometimes when I’m covered up with big projects and every step of the process seems like it’s not making much progress, it helps to switch pace and…

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How to Build a DIY Modern Planter Box

How to build your own modern plant stands for front porch or even inside the house

How to Build a DIY Modern Planter Box *This post was sponsored by Build Something, Kreg Tool’s website for free building plans from small decor items and furniture all the way to large built ins and king size beds!  Check out all the free building plans they offer over on  See disclosure policy for details. Change is hard.  I mean, even the littlest changes, sometimes I have trouble with.  Anyone else out there relate?  I know this is super…

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DIY Wooden Keepsake Box with Splines and Picture Frame Top

How to make a DIY Wooden Keepsake Box with Splines and Picture Frame Top I have the best Granny.  She’s hilarious.  But not in the slapstick comedy, or joke telling kind of way.  She just makes me laugh because of how predictable…and yet,unpredictable…she can be.  For example, for every birthday and Christmas gift, she will ALWAYS throw in some sort of weird, random trinket.  BUT, there’s no telling what it might be. . One year, she got me and my…

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DIY Washer and Dryer Pedestals with Storage Drawer

DIY Washer and Dryer Pedestal Stands for a Fraction of the Price for the Plastic Ones--How to Build Your Own

This post is sponsored by Build Something.  See disclosure policy for details. I’ll be honest, I don’t really understand the whole washer and dryer pedestal thing.  I’ve got the cheapest washer and dryer you can possibly purchase from the big box store and you just don’t really attempt to dress those up–it’s a hopeless case HA! . So I’ve never really had need for a washer and dryer stand, so they never crossed my mind to build any–but my mom…

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