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Improving Our Curb Appeal–A DIY Landscape Project

How a little concrete can improve curb appeal and update a worn out landscape

I know it’s August, so I’m a little behind here to be showing you landscape ideas to improve your curb appeal. . Or am I? . Actually, the fall is a GREAT time to be thinking about that! Just to prove it, here is a great article that will explain why you should be planning your landscape project for the fall!  So since it’s August, that gives you a couple months to get your ideas together and get started. .…

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How to Build an X Base Console Table

How to Build an X Base Console Table

It’s hotter than blue blazes in the shop lately, but I’ve been busier than ever!! When the sweat starts running, the sawdust just soaks it right up for me. It’s a good system I have going on. . Just kidding…it’s really itchy.  It’s basically like covering yourself in a sweaty sawdust paste. Air conditioning would be a much better system HA…for real. . Anyway, let me get back on topic here…I’ve got another fun and easy furniture build for you…

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How to Build a Combination DIY Storage Cabinet

How to build a combination toy storage cabinet

I’ve said it before, but I will say it again. You can never have enough storage. . But, here’s the dilemma. When we say “you can never have enough storage,” what does that mean? Do you need more drawers, more cubbies, doors to hide things behind, shelves to stack things on, baskets, boxes…what do you NEED? . I have good news!! You don’t have to pick just one. This toy storage cabinet has a combination of cubbies, shelves, baskets, and…

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DIY Cake Box Carrier

How to build a DIY Wooden Cake Box from Wood Scraps

Quick! You’ve been invited to a last minute shindig and you have no idea what to bring. What’s your go to “potluck” dish?? . Mine is dessert. ALWAYS DESSERT. You can’t go wrong by mixing a boatload of sugar and flour and butter together to make SOMETHING, amiright?? . But, I’m not a huge fan of those bulky-plastic-snap-the-lid-on cake carriers. And it’s not the most glamorous packaging to throw tin foil over your pie right before walking out the door…

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How to Build a Simple DIY Mission Style End Table

How to build a DIY Mission Style End Table

Have you guys ever heard of “mission style” furniture? I hadn’t heard of it until recently, but I’m quickly becoming a fan! . If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Google it or get on Pinterest and search “mission style furniture.” It’s very simple and has a traditional feel, but what I love most of all are the clean lines and the “railings” on everything. . So when my sister asked for a little side table for her front…

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How to Make a Wooden Spoon {That’s Shaped Like a Pineapple!}

How to carve a wooden pineapple spoon

  Have you ever wondered who comes up with the “next big thing?” . Like who decides (this was years ago) that chickens were the cool thing to decorate your entire house with?? (Remember that, mom?? The chicken WALLPAPER?! Don’t do that again.) . Then, just a few years ago, it was owls. Then, hedgehogs stole the spotlight shortly after that. . But recently, pineapples have taken over. Haven’t you seen them everywhere?? . So I just want to know.…

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How to Build a DIY Keepsake Box from Scrap Wood

How to Make an Easy DIY Scrap Wood Keepsake Box

I’m not normally a sentimental person. But even the most unsentimental person has a few keepsakes. Most of my “keepsakes” are letters and notes from either Danny or my granny (who are the only ones who ever write me notes haha) and they all reside in a shoe box in a cabinet somewhere. . But there has got to be a better way to store your keepsakes than in an old cardboard box with the word “NIKE” written on the…

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