Mid Century Peg Board Cabinet

DIY Lazy Susan

DIY Bathroom Vanity

Tall Skinny DIY Storage Cabinet–And Other Unique Storage Ideas

DIY Easy Storage Cabinet

Lately, most of my building projects have contained storage of some kind. Have you noticed? . The pantry cabinet. The plywood bench. The diaper cabinet. . Apparently, we, as people, can never have too much storage. #hideallthethings . Luckily, most of these projects have been pretty versatile as far as their storage use. Hey, you can store whatever makes you happy in there and the style will fit in just about anywhere you want it to. Bathrooms, foyers, bedrooms, kitchens.…

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How to Build Floor to Ceiling Built Ins

How to build floor to ceiling built ins

People always ask me, “what’s the biggest thing you’ve ever built?” I’m not sure why everyone wants to know this, but I never really know how to answer. . Are we talking “big” as in the budget?? If so, then it’s the kitchen remodel…which I technically didn’t “build.” . Are we talking “big” as in the volume/cubic ft of the piece of furniture?? I haven’t measured exactly, but I guess it would be the farmhouse table. . Or “big” as…

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Mid Century Modern DIY Pegboard Cabinet

How to build a Mid Century Modern Pegboard Cabinet

I’ve always had a bit of a “retro style.” . Long, straight, boring hair: check. . Likes tie dye: check. (This was taken in 2003…what a great year.  I was 13.) Plays guitar: check. (So even though I still play, this was the most recent photo I could find…it was also from 2003…) . Favorite sneakers have tie dye shoe strings and peace signs: check. . Still wears bell bottom jeans: check. . Likes furniture that looks like this: Double…

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Gorgeous DIY Personalized Lazy Susan

How to make a Personalized DIY Lazy Susan

I live in Kentucky. It’s a beautiful place. . But, other than the blue grass, degrading stereotypes, and college basketball, Kentucky is also known for the Derby. THE Kentucky Derby. The most expensive, purest bred, fastest, and most beautiful horses gather in none other than Kentucky to race for the crown…or trophy…or roses…or whatever they win….you know, besides the money. And everyone gets dressed up, gambles, and watches for 2 minutes. TWO MINUTES. All that commotion for a two minute…

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DIY Modern Farmhouse Dining Bench

How to Build a DIY Modern Farmhouse Dining Bench

Remember how I built a modern farmhouse dining table a few weeks ago and showed you how to build your own?? Well, that was great and all, but where are you supposed to sit?! What good is a table if there are no SEATS?! Luckily, I FINALLY got around to posting the how to for the matching bench. I know, right? I’m slacking. You’ve had to stand at your new table for WEEKS while I piddled around not posting the…

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Let’s Take This Outside–A Front Door Refresh Worthy of all the Heart Eyes

Spring Front Door Refresh Worthy of All the Heart Eyes

When we moved into our house a little over two years ago, we really never dreamed we would be remodeling basically….everything. To be honest, the house hunting process was so depressing that we were just happy to find a house we liked, could afford, and was in the right location. Paint colors, cabinets and flooring were the least of our concerns. . But, two short years later, almost EVERYTHING on the inside looks completely different. You can see plenty of…

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DIY Louvered Wood Planter Box–An Easy Spring Project

DIY Louvered Wood Planters

I hope you guys are ready for a flood of DIY spring projects coming at you in the next several weeks (or months, who knows?).  I’ve never been much on the “seasonal” projects on here (if you haven’t noticed, I have very few), but this year I got spring fever (you can see my new spring wreath here) and I’m excited for outdoor projects and sprucing up my yard.  (This totally has nothing to do with the fact that I…

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