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DIY Lazy Susan

DIY Bathroom Vanity

Before and After: DIY Mudroom Built Ins

Before and After: DIY Mudroom Built Ins

Do you prefer starting from scratch or redoing what’s already there? This can apply to furniture, remodels, cooking…and significant others (what? How did that get in there?? I’m just kidding, Danny 😉 ) . If you can’t already guess, I prefer a start from scratch project. I like to build my furniture from nothing, I like to remodel by gutting it first, and (when time allows) I prefer to cook from scratch, too. As far as significant others go, he…

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How to Build an Aquarium Cabinet Stand–The Start of a Man Cave

How to Build a DIY Aquarium Cabinet Stand

My husband, Danny, is so funny. He has always wanted an aquarium. . He bought a little one after we bought our first house, but when we sold the house and moved to our current home, there wasn’t a good place to put it and the idea of having one was kind of put on the back burner. . But over the last few months, Danny has decided he wanted a “man cave” with an aquarium. So we cleared out…

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How to Build a Modern DIY Dresser Armoire

How to build a Modern DIY Dresser Armoire

I have a bad habit of wanting to build, like, EVERYTHING. But, like, EVERYTHING won’t fit in my house. Or in my yard. Or in my garage. Or in my parent’s house. Or in my sister’s… . You know…all those places I keep trying to add things to. . That feels kind of limiting. . So I was so thankful that some friends of mine let me build them a dresser I’ve been DYING to build for their new baby.…

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A New Home for Lucy–Modern DIY Dog House

How to Build a Modern DIY Dog House

I’ve always considered myself a dog person. Growing up I HATED cats. . But, you guys, never say never. Growing up, I said I would NEVER have a cat and IF I ever did, I wouldn’t like it. Now fast forward past a long story about vicious animals and a ton of mouse turds in our kitchen ceiling (if you want to know the whole story, just ask…I’ll tell it), and now, we have PET…that’s right PET…cats. How did this…

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DIY Lutyens Outdoor Garden Bench

How to Build a DIY Lutyens Outdoor Garden Bench

Hold up. Can you believe that Spring is basically over and Summer is only a couple weeks away?? I feel like I was JUST vacuuming up Christmas tree needles like yesterday…how did we get here??  I’m not ready!! . My farmer’s tan isn’t ready for tank tops yet. . The garden isn’t planted yet. . The pool isn’t open yet. . And let’s not even talk about getting into a swimsuit in public yet… . But I do have one…

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Tall Skinny DIY Storage Cabinet–And Other Unique Storage Ideas

DIY Easy Storage Cabinet

Lately, most of my building projects have contained storage of some kind. Have you noticed? . The pantry cabinet. The plywood bench. The diaper cabinet. . Apparently, we, as people, can never have too much storage. #hideallthethings . Luckily, most of these projects have been pretty versatile as far as their storage use. Hey, you can store whatever makes you happy in there and the style will fit in just about anywhere you want it to. Bathrooms, foyers, bedrooms, kitchens.…

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How to Build Floor to Ceiling Built Ins

How to build floor to ceiling built ins

People always ask me, “what’s the biggest thing you’ve ever built?” I’m not sure why everyone wants to know this, but I never really know how to answer. . Are we talking “big” as in the budget?? If so, then it’s the kitchen remodel…which I technically didn’t “build.” . Are we talking “big” as in the volume/cubic ft of the piece of furniture?? I haven’t measured exactly, but I guess it would be the farmhouse table. . Or “big” as…

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