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Super Simple DIY Dining Bench with Turned Legs

finished bench

I’m so glad to finally have a fun, new project to show you guys besides the bathroom remodel.  I know you are probably all super tired of hearing about it and it’s taking WAY longer than we expected.  To be honest, I’m tired of working on it.  But, it has been consuming all my time after work and I am bummed I haven’t been able to make anything fun and show you guys…until NOW. (ps forgive the terrible picture…after I…

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The Real Real Life House Tour–Live Video

Woodshop Diaries

Have any of you used Facebook’s live video feature before?  I’m a total newbie.  Like I literally gave it a practice run last night and had no idea what I was doing.  I’m just not into this new cool kid technology. So Friday should be interesting.  What’s Friday you ask? . This Friday, August 19th, I will be doing my first Facebook live video.  Why is that a big deal?  Because it’s on Hometalk’s page! . Hometalk has started posting…

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Bathroom Remodel Update–The Best Plan is No Plan

IMG_7966 (960x1280)

At this point, I was hoping to come to you with all kinds of fun pictures of major progress on this bathroom remodel.  I had made plans and schedules and figured out in what order we needed to get everything done so we would be back to normal as soon as possible. By this week, I was expecting to tell you about how we tiled the shower. . But, instead, I get to tell you about how productive (yet unproductive…

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Bathroom Remodel Update–The Point of No Return

IMG_7945 (960x1280)

It happened when we redid the kitchen.  It happened when I redid the laundry room.  It happened when we painted the living room.  And it happened when I redid the office. . We have once again reached the point of no return.  This time, it’s with our bathroom.  As excited as I was to rip into this bathroom and do another remodel, I still started to question why I was doing this once I got to the point of no turning back.  We were…

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My Bathroom is Cute But I Hate It–Let Me Explain


The bathroom.  The home of the toilet.  Where the hairs left from the man of the house’s last shave still reside in the sink.  And where you continuously find toothpaste splatters on the mirror and faucet (and WALLS?! How does that even happen?!  Husbands…that’s how.) . It’s where the p-trap gets clogged with disgusting things I’d rather not name, and where the shower drain collects the wads of hair that I swear couldn’t have all come from my head.  Sorry…

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Getting Things In Focus–I Bought a Camera!

IMG_0124 (1280x853)

I’m a saver.  Why?  Sometimes I ask myself the same question.  I mean, if you’re going to buy it a year from now, why not just buy it now and enjoy it?  Don’t answer that.  I am well aware of the reasons why we shouldn’t buy everything we want right now.  But, I’m also well aware of how not fun it is to wait.  #adulting #responsibilities #itsucks . So, I’ve been eyeing a DSLR camera for over a year. But I couldn’t…

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Super Simple DIY Shutters

whole front side

I have a friend who introduced me to another friend.  Now, I guess we are all friends.  Things just work that way, don’t they? . Anyway, this friend of my friend’s is a blogger over at Fun Home Things, and she recently bought herself a “she shed” for her new blogging office. And can we all just agree it’s the cutest thing ever? . So she asked for some shutters for it a long time ago and I’ve been slacking…

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