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If You Give Your Mom Some Built Ins, She’s Going To Want A Table Too–DIY X Base Dining Table

DIY X Base Dining Table

We’ve all heard the story of “If you give a mouse a cookie,” right?  One thing leads to another and it’s never as simple as you give the cookie and go on about your business.  Then it needs milk, then you’ve got to read it a story and fluff its pillow and let it draw a picture.  (Side note…who would do any of this with a MOUSE?!  I would die.  I. CAN’T. EVEN.)  So things have played out similarly with my mom’s recent…

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Let’s Talk About Flooring–The Master Bedroom Chaos


Have you noticed that I’ve been MIA the last several days?  (If you haven’t noticed, just humor me and say yes.)  Yeah, about that.  We decided to replace the carpet in our master bedroom with new pine flooring right after we finished our bathroom remodel and I’ve been a little preoccupied.  But, before I tell you about all that, first, this was our bedroom before: If you remember, we started remodeling our master bathroom about two and a half months ago. …

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Super Easy Fall Pumpkin Banner


I have a super easy fall craft for you guys today!  I know…it’s the first of October, and I should be cranking out Christmas stuff already to keep up with everyone else.  But I’m old school, so we are keeping with fall at LEAST until it’s time to start thawing out the Thanksgiving turkey. . So, fall.  The most wonderful time of the year.  When the air starts to smell like tobacco barns and the mornings are just the right…

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Hurry Up and Fail–The Bathroom Cabinet Story


I had an #epicfail the other day. And since you all chose to follow my blog, I assume you’re in it for better or for worse….the good the bad and the ugly, right?  So I can tell you about all the awesome things that turned out even better than I expected.  And I can also tell you about all the things that turned out so bad I just want to set them on fire. .   So, let me share with…

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Easy DIY Upholstered Bench


This is the week of Mom’s projects, it seems.  She just has a thing lately for benches, I guess.  We’ve gone from built ins to an upholstered bench now.  Remember this dining bench I posted a couple weeks ago? Well, she needed it built ASAP because our family was having our annual “Thanksgiving in August” get together (don’t ask) and she didn’t have anywhere for people to sit.  So I built her this easy bench with turned legs, but didn’t…

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When Momma Ain’t Happy…Just Make Her Some Built Ins


I’ve learned a few things in my short time as an adult.  One of those things is that the saying “when Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” is 135.74% true.  So when Momma wants built ins, you make her some built ins. . My Mom has been going through her house (against Dad’s will) and repainting and rearranging and buying new furniture and all that stuff.  It really looks a ton better.  Once she got her kitchen painted, she wanted me to…

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Light it Up–Modern Bedside Pendant Lights


When people ask me what’s my “style” I have no idea how to even respond.  I just know that I like something when I see it.  Is that a style type?  I’m more of a “I-just-like-what-I-like-when-I-like-it” kind of person.  But, I don’t see that going well during an interview with a design magazine.  Good thing I’ll never have to worry about that happening, right? HA…how depressing. . I’m sorry…back on topic.  So, as we are working on the South Wing…

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