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How to build a simple, little DIY bookshelf

Simple Little DIY Bookshelf

Sometimes you just need a little shelf.  Nothing big.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing complicated.  Just a plain, little bookshelf.  Something simple…like this. Isn’t it cute?  It’s so little.  Everything miniature is cuter than the full size, isn’t it?  Except for…

Get the free building plans for this DIY Four Sided Spinning Kid's Bookshelf

DIY Four Sided Kid’s Bookshelf

You know those spinning magazine racks and birthday card displays you see at the old fashioned pharmacies sometimes??  Ever thought it would be fun to have one for your kid’s books?  If you hadn’t already had that thought, I…

How to Build a DIY Bookshelf

The Mom Saga Continues…How to Build a Bookshelf

My mom just discovered Restoration Hardware.  As a side note, she pronounces “restoration” like “registration” so at first, it was a little difficult to know what she was talking about.  Registration Hardware?? Mom, I just don’t get it.  And…