Hoosier cabinet part 2

Sometimes I work on projects that are easy. They turn out as planned and I’m pleased with them. Some times they don’t quite turn out as planned, but I love them anyway. Other times I work on projects that are hard and when I get done, it seems like all the effort was a waste and I’m thoroughly disappointed in the result. Well, this hoosier cabinet falls in the last category.

This thing has had me up and down. In my mind I thought of the future…I pictured a before and after picture that would be unbelievable. I would be amazed at the transformation. Unfortunately, Its a but lacking in the “wow” factor. I just feel like it’s missing something. It’s not all I had dreamed of. In the end, it’s still just an old cabinet.


Here she is in all her original glory. In part 1 we left off here:


Since then I have added shelves, painted the little door, and painted the back beadboard a light blue. I also added fabric to the bottom shelves. I do admit, I like the top part of the cabinet. (The door in the picture needed another coat of paint…it has since been applied haha. Didn’t want you to think I didn’t notice.)


We also took the bottom half from this:


To this:


And when I say “we,” I mean me and Danny and dad. They always get sucked into my projects. Always involuntarily haha.

I’ve added some paint and some hardware and now we are here:


I just am not feeling the bottom. The top is good…I’m happy with it. The bottom…not so much. I can’t put my finger on it, it’s just not there yet. I need to finish the countertop (painting porcelain enamel is proving to be challenging) and attach the doors.

Maybe when I get it all together, it will speak to me. In the mean time, I’ve still got work to do. I’m determined to make this cabinet beautiful!! Look forward to the final reveal in part 3 🙂

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