Hoosier cabinet part 3…the final reveal

We last left off with the cabinet looking like this:



It’s come a long way, but it still had a lot to be finished. I tend to not be able to focus on one thing at a time…well at least while I’m crafting. So instead of logically finishing the next step–the cabinet doors–I first decide to paint the countertop.

I looked all over the internet for ideas on how to paint porcelain enamel. I didn’t have much luck, so I figured I couldn’t make it look much worse so I just experimented. Since I don’t plan to be rough with it, I decided I’d take my chances on it chipping.

I scrubbed it as long and hard as I could with sand paper…until I got bored with sanding. (Didn’t take too long haha) Then I brushed on some latex primer (latex is NOT the best option, I know, but I already had some and I didn’t want to buy anything else). I put three or four (I can’t remember) coats of primer, and once it was dry, I lightly sanded and wiped it clean. Some of the primer scraped all the way off, so I had to touch up a few places. I never think to take enough pictures while I’m working, so I don’t have a pic of this step.

Mom gave me a can of spray paint a while back because she bought one too many. It was black hammered metal and I thought I’d never have a good use for it, but I took it anyway. It was the perfect color! I sprayed several coats and I loved it!



I liked it so much, I took the old rusty hinges from the original doors and sprayed them too…saved me from buying new ones haha. I’m so cheap.


Once the hinges were dry, I put the doors back on, touched up some places with paint and convinced Danny to help me bring it inside so I could get a picture of it all together 🙂


Tada! Here she is!


I’m happy with it, but I can’t decide if I’m finished. I’ve been debating whether I should distress it a little or put some antique glaze on it. We are moving in about a month. I may wait until we get into the new house and see what it looks like before I make any changes.

Keep eyes and ears open..,I’m betting this isn’t the last time you’ll see this cabinet 🙂 I can’t seem to ever be done with it!

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