Our new home…the pros and cons

Our story is complicated. We had an apartment, bought a house in a subdivision, both got jobs an hour away, sold our home with intentions of moving closer to work, moved thirty minutes away, realized we missed being in Murray, bought a house with some land (we learned we aren’t subdivision people) out in the country. (Shout out to our real estate agent, Tracy, for being there with us throughout this whole ordeal.)

There are soooooo many details missing from that brief overview of our lives for the past four years. But I won’t bore you with the details. I’ll just get straight to showing you our new home!

Forgive the fact I don’t have a picture of the outside. I haven’t bothered to get one since everything is dead because of fall so it’s ugly. I don’t like to take pictures of ugly things haha.

I do have a picture of the front door…a house isn’t a home without a cute wreath!



Let me just confess…we semi regret selling our previous home. It was much newer than our current home and a little more updated. We loved this house the first time we saw it, but now that we’ve been in it for a week, we’ve realized there were things we didn’t know would be annoying…but they are.

First point: the kitchen. The cabinets are surely original…34 years old. The appliances are showing their age…they’re ten years old. The layout is crazy. I don’t have a lot of pics of the kitchen either…remember what I said about taking pictures of ugly things?



There are cabinets by the fridge and stove, cabinets between the living room and kitchen, cabinets over in the opposite corner as the stove, and an island with a dishwasher and sink in the middle. Plenty of cabinet space, but very chopped up. I love what this kitchen could be, but not necessarily what it is right now. It is our first remodel to tackle. We just have to save up some $$$ for new cabinets first 🙂

Oh but I do like this:


I can’t complain about the bedrooms. I love them! I don’t have a picture of the third one…it’s Danny’s and there isn’t much going on in there yet.





Besides the brass on the fireplace and the color (I want something lighter and more bluish grey), I love our living room, too.




Of our three bathrooms, my least favorite is the master. It’s tiny, and feels like a dungeon. There is one light, and no windows. We take showers in the dark. The cabinet is very cute I must admit, BUT there is no drawer. All of our “drawer items” go on this shelf…which is dirty looking and very poorly painted. What an eyesore!




I like our hall bath and my office (currently incomplete).



No house is perfect, and we plan to stay in this one for a while. That being said, I have big plans to make this the house we want to stay in for many many MANY years.

We will eventually remodel the kitchen, replace the master bathroom vanity and add lighting, update the fireplace, paint some rooms, replace some flooring, and lots of little odds and ends projects. I. Can’t. Wait. 🙂

Oh just have to throw in this pic of our Christmas tree to end on a high note 🙂 hope you can’t wait to see our remodels as much as I can’t wait to do them!


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