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How to Build a DIY Modern Dog Bed

Want to build your furry best friend a DIY Modern Dog Bed?  Iโ€™ve got the plans for you in this post! But first, let me show you my furry best friend, Lucy. This post is sponsored by Build Something…

How to sew a super easy DIY dog tent with pillow and striped fabric!

DIY Dog Tent

You may wonder why I’m showing a tutorial on how to sew a DIY dog tent. ย I could see where you may wonder because 1. I mostly do woodworking projects and 2. there are already a million tutorials on…

How to Build a Modern DIY Dog House

A New Home for Lucy–Modern DIY Dog House

Iโ€™ve always considered myself a dog person. Growing up I HATED cats. . But, you guys, never say never. Growing up, I said I would NEVER have a cat and IF I ever did, I wouldnโ€™t like it. Now…