Milwaukee Packout System & Radio Review

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Shara Woodshop Diaires standing next to Milwaukee PACKOUT system

My shop will never be the same.


My off site jobs will never be the same.


My neighborhood will never be the same.


This stereo has changed everything. I know that seems like an exaggeration, but I’m serious…let’s dive in.

Selecting mode button on stereo

The Milwaukee PACKOUT Stereo

My old, cheap shop radio died several months ago and I’ve been looking at getting a new one for a while. I played music pretty often for when we were working in the yard, hanging out outside and obviously when I was working in my shop. But half the buttons were broke on my old radio and if you turned it up very loud, the sound was really stat icky.


Since music was a pretty important part of my every day work, I wanted to make sure that, this time, when I got a new radio, I got a good one.


I got a Milwaukee PACKOUT Radio and I don’t think I’ll ever look back.

How Does it Sound?

This Milwaukee PACKOUT Radio with Built in Charger went above and beyond my expectations in a lot of areas, but sound quality is top notch. It has ten speakers around all sides for true 360 degree sound. And it gets loud…like, I mean LOUD. I’m sure my neighbors love that 🙂

Adjusting volume knob on PACKOUT radio charger

This stereo is even better than the one in my truck…totally honest. Clear, loud, and perfect for when you want ALL AROUND sound. You can even customize the settings for bass and treble how you like it.


Remember back in the late 90s and early 2000s when you’d buy those fancy looking stereo systems with the two speakers on each side and the controls in the middle? Remember how cool you were when you got one of those and set it out by the pool in the summer? Imagine how that would feel with TEN speakers. That’s what this is like.

Shara Woodshop Diaries dancing next to stereo set up

Batteries and Charging Abilities

It can run cordless on the Milwaukee M18 battery system, but can also be plugged into a standard wall outlet if you don’t want to bother with batteries all the time.

Outlet cord for radio--plug in or cordless option

But, speaking of batteries…when plugged in, it will charge your M18 battery, and also has a USB charging port to charge your phone or other devices as well. The chargers and battery input are located inside a weather tight compartment for protection from damage and weather.

Shara Installing battery pack into weather tight compartment of Milwaukee PACKOUT radio
Shara placing phone into weather tight compartment of PACKOUT radio charger

Input and Music Options

Just like most typical stereos, it’s got the option for AM/FM (with up to 18 available presets), AUX, and Bluetooth so you can play from your devices.


Now, this stereo can stand alone as just a stereo, but it’s also fully compatible with Milwaukee’s PACKOUT modular storage system–which is also pretty impressive.

Shara lifting Packout stereo from PACKOUT storage system to show it's able to stand alone

The Milwaukee PACKOUT Modular Storage System

I have here what I like to call the “basic starter kit” of the PACKOUT system. It’s like the foundation to the whole system. This particular set comes with the built in dolly on the large bottom compartment, then the two smaller compartments stack on top.

Shara with Milwaukee system three sections taken apart to open

Additional Add On Options

They’ve got a ton of additional accessories available with this system so you can add on as needed–large storage containers, small parts organizers, tool bags, and of course the stereo mentioned above. They simply snap and lock together.

Shara placing middle compartment back onto base

For kicks and giggles, I will share with you a “dumb blonde moment” I had when I first opened this system. In case anyone is wondering how these come apart, this took me an hour to figure out and the instructions didn’t say anything about it. So I’ll save you some dignity and show you here 🙂 haha


Pull up on this tab in the front and slide the box forward. Then lift it. I was looking all over this thing for latches that held them together and there weren’t any and I couldn’t figure out that you had to PULL IT FORWARD.

Press lever on front of top PACKOUT compartment box and pull forward to release
Lifting top compartment of system to remove it from the stack

It’s really nice, quick-lock, and very sturdy system, actually. I like the fact there aren’t latches to unbuckle everywhere. It just took me a minute to figure it out haha.


To snap back together, simply slide it from front to back until it clicks in place.

Durability and Mobility

This system, you can tell, is really heavy duty compared to others I have seen. The plastic is thick and the corners are reinforced. Overall, it just feels like it could take quite a beating.

Heavy duty handle on back side of packout system--press button to lift

I packed up all my tools in it when I went over to remodel my parents’ bathroom and it was really handy to have my stereo and all my tools handy and be able to roll them in and out of the way as needed.

Shara rolling Milwaukee PACKOUT system with stereo on top

If you do a lot of jobsite work and need a heavy duty way to transport your tools, this Milwaukee PACKOUT modular system is definitely a kit you want to look into. But don’t forget the most important part of it…the music 😉

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of the Milwaukee PACKOUT system and stereo. I 100% honestly would recommend this system to anyone who works on job sites, does a lot of on the go jobs, or just needs some heavy duty tool storage in the garage.


And I’d recommend the stereo to anyone who sees value in listening to good music haha.


If you’d like to check out my other tool reviews, you can read them here.


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Pin Image collage Shara with PACKOUT system and stereo with prospective logo top corner

Until next time, friends, happy building 🙂

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