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Shara, Chasing A Dream

  • Hoosier cabinet part 2

    Sometimes I work on projects that are easy. They turn out as planned and I’m pleased with them. Some times they don’t quite turn out as planned, but I love them…

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  • Hoosier cabinet part 1

    About a month ago, my husband’s aunt asked if I’d be interested in an old hoosier cabinet they had been keeping in their basement. Of course I couldn’t turn it down.…

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  • Getting out of my box

    I’m not good at thinking outside the box. No, really, I’m not. I’m a mathematical/engineering/scientific thought-type person. I’m not an artist. I think things should follow step by step instructions. There…

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  • Demolition week

    I am really struggling how to and when to write posts. I feel like such a slacker because I haven’t written one in over a week, but I don’t have a…

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  • I am a blogger?

    This is my first post on my first blog. Does that make me an official “blogger?” The second I press the publish button will I become the real deal? Whatever that…

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