DIY Wardrobe Armoire Storage Cabinet with Shelves

When it comes to storage, you can go two directions: simply functional, OR (my personal favorite) functional AND pretty.  So, for example, you can hide all your stuff in the back corner of an overcrowded closet (functional) or you can tuck it away in a pretty, new DIY wardrobe armoire cabinet like this (obviously this is the functional AND pretty option 😉 ). I mean, is there even really a decision to be made?  I’d pick this cabinet every time!  It’s really a fairly simple piece, but the trim and those gorgeous feet add all the pretty details. . Something like this would be great in a living, dining, or bedroom.  Or an office.  Or a foyer.  Or a bathroom. I mean, it’s pretty versatile.  I don’t think anyone would complain if you put it in every room in the house 😉 . I built this one with adjustable shelves, but if you wanted to hang clothes in here like a “for real” wardrobe, simply add a hanging rod across the top and you’re good to go. . Check out the how to video I’ve posted on my YouTube Channel, then grab the PDF plans to build your own here … Continue reading DIY Wardrobe Armoire Storage Cabinet with Shelves