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Shara Woodshop Diaries with DIY floating wall shelf project

DIY Wall Shelves {from Scrap Wood!}

If you’ve been looking for some DIY wall shelves, this is the post for you! These were built from scrap wood and you can hang these floating wall shelves without any bulky brackets or hardware! I love building large…

Super Easy DIY Breakfast Tray

I’ve been making a lot of serving trays lately…have you noticed?  Today I’m going to share just one more…because this one’s my FAVORITE, then I’m back to some bigger builds…promise.  But today, I’m sharing this super simple DIY breakfast…

Quick and easy scrap wood bookends shaped like a guitar

DIY Guitar Scrap Wood Bookends

Am I the only one who has an overwhelming amount of scrap wood…and to do lists??   Let’s throw that to do list out the window, and tackle a quick scrap wood project to get our mind off things, shall…