DIY Closet Cabinets

DIY Closet Cabinets When we built our garage apartment house a few months ago, our plan was that eventually, when we built our forever house next door, this would become my shop space.  So we wanted it to be as open as possible for later when I had workbenches and tool carts in here.  But that means we didn’t want to build out a closet. I thought living here for a year, or two without a closet wouldn’t be a big deal.  We got one of those cheap, plastic clothes racks from Walmart and had a few boxes a piece kind of situated where they were easy to dig through.  One week in and we were both already sick of the mess.  Plus, you could literally see the pile of clothes, and shoes from any where in the house because, well, it was so open. This is NOT OKAY. So, I decided to do something about it and built these fun modern DIY closet cabinets to organize and hide all our clothes and shoes.  They’re not fancy, but they match the style we were going for in our home—And they can house just about every piece of clothing we own. … Continue reading DIY Closet Cabinets