X Base Dining Table

Floating Mirror Shelf

DIY Fake Fireplace

If You’re Going to Make It, You Better Fake It–DIY Fake Brick Fireplace

How to DIY a Faux Brick Fireplace and you'll never believe how easy it is!!

I’ve never been big on “fake” stuff. Fake wood, fake crab, fake friends, fake smiles at that coworker you want to punch in the throat (JUST KIDDING). I just don’t like things that try to be something they aren’t. . That’s why I always try to be real with you guys. Honesty is the best policy and I like to remind you all the time that I really have no idea what I’m doing here and am a complete amateur. …

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DIY Farmhouse Side Table With Storage–AKA The Diaper Cabinet

DIY Farmhouse Side Table with Storage for Diapers and Other Random Stuff You Want To Hide

Let’s play a friendly game of “Never Have I Ever.”  You’ve played that before, right? . You hold up your fingers and go around the circle saying things you’ve never done and whoever has done them has to lower a finger.  The last person with any fingers still up wins. . We will make it a quick game and just use one finger and one question. Are you ready? . Okay, never have I ever….changed a diaper.  Like, ever. . Anyone…

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How to Turn Ordinary Glass into an Antique Mirror

How to turn ordinary glass into an antique mirror!

I have a thing about doors.  If you’ve been around very long, you know that already.  It’s weird. . I love doors, I hate doors.  I’ve taken them down.  I’ve put them up.  I’ve even collected a random assortment of them for decoration purposes. . But today, I want to tell you about one door in particular. I bought this door three years ago from a local “junk store” that I frequent.  I had no idea what I was going…

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DIY Wooden Lantern

How to build a GORGEOUS wood lantern!

I had the hardest time this year deciding on Christmas gifts to give my grandparents and my boss this last year.  They all like when I make them something, but I didn’t know what in the world they would like me to make and didn’t want to fill their homes with useless junk they feel obligated to keep because I made it for them.  Been there, done that before.  You guys do not want to see what I gave people…

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Woodshop Diaries First Year as a Real Blog–2016 Year Review

2016 Year in Review--My first REAL year of blogging

Before I tell you all about 2016, let me take you back to 2013 real quick.  You’ll understand why in a few more paragraphs. . So, cue the cheesy music and swirly special effects to take you back those three years and picture this.  It’s summer…blazing hot.  I’m in a tiny garage in a nice subdivision (with the garage door open by the way) on my hands and knees crying because I just broke the glass I had been painting…

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DIY Grinch Pillow–A Pottery Barn Knock-Off

Check out this awesome Grinch Pillow--a Pottery Barn Knock Off!

My favorite, only sister loves the Grinch a whole lot. I, on the other hand, do not. But she wanted this pillow with all it’s sequins and shine, I thought she was silly, the price was so high! . But, her birthday was coming and I knew what to wrap, I searched for the pillow, but they were all gone in a snap! What can I do, they are all sold out? So I brainstormed and pondered and let out a shout! .…

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DIY Interior French Doors

I’m back with a building project–FINALLY after all this Christmas stuff. I’m sure some of you are glad that’s over with right?  Joke’s on you, though, because I have one more Christmas post for the year to show you later.  But it will be fun, so stick around.  If you’ve been hating the Christmas thing (I figure there are always a few), bear with me.  I’m back in the shop this week, so I have some fun things coming 🙂…

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